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It's Your Journey

Journey ; An act of traveling from one place to another.

In the physical aspect  a journey can come in the form of a new job, a new home, making a trip to the local grocery store, or a much needed vacation. 
It can even be as simple as walking to the mail box. 

A journey can also be taken to reach an emotional destination. 
A place of healing, forgiveness, a place of trust and wholeness. 
A place of elated happiness and an abundance of pure joy. 
 But what happens when it seems like it is taking forever to complete a specific journey? 

 Many times in my own life I have had others speak into my journey. 
They meant well, however they would unknowingly put a time frame on it; expressing their views when they believed I should have reached my emotional destination. 
I had to learn to not allow others to define my time frame in re finding myself, after all it's not their journey, but to heed good advice and apply when needed. 
And then there were those times I, myself,  put a time frame on my daddy God as to when He should have me arrive at my certain destination. 
I truly believe there have been times I have heard Him chuckle at my demands and gently tell me...
"My timing is not your timing my child."

" Alright, alright, alright but I am not too happy about this, and just so you know Lord,  I am ready to just get there." I tell him.
Can you just hear the pouty tone in my words?
I do my best to reign in my tone and allow Him to direct my steps.
The good news is, He already knows my heart and my emotions and continues to walk me through, just as any parent would, regardless if I am pouting or not.

 Recently my journey has been one of anger and to be honest I have begged God to allow me to run through this one; with my eyes closes might I add. I have had no desire to walk through the process and hash out the reasons for this anger. I did not look forward to re-living my choices and my failures.  But for me to reach my healing destination, walk it I must.
Even though I may have my days with one step forward and two steps back, I make progress with every step I take.
It's the getting up that counts, not how many times I fall down.

My emotional journeys I am learning to take them at my own pace and not the pace others my deem correct. I have found if I rush through my emotions, I miss a step only to have to repeat that part of my travels. I miss the healing touch of my daddy God and the lesson of growth that comes with it. 
 Rushing through with eyes closed I open room for my heart to become jaded and closed.
To have a successful journey it is when every nugget of truth and growth is captured and applied in my life , I am victorious. 

If you are going through a journey, trying to reach your destination, there is no shame in the time period it takes you to get there.
Someone once told me the emotions we feel are healing for our souls. However if we push them down they become heavy baggage for the rest of our journey. Wise words of growth and healing right?
 In my life I know once I acknowledge and surrender my emotions to my daddy God, my journey becomes lighter and my healing is not only guaranteed, it becomes a testimony of God's goodness for me, his daughter to be an over-comer.

 I encourage you, whatever your journey may be, remember.....
It's your journey!!

And you are not alone.



Proverbs 16:9
A man plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps. 


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