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I Can Love Em'...But I Can't Save Em'

 Many times in life we have those who come into our lives only for a season. A season of hope..... A season of encouragement..... A season of healing.......... And even a season of love. Over the course of my life, I have learned that God will place certain people in my life for growth and change.
As a woman, we have been created to love, nurture and care for those we love, to push our own emotions to the side and stand for the ones we love and care for. We have the " I want to save you from all life's pain" syndrome because I love you. Well at least I know I do.  That's just me...... It's how my heart functions.
However that part of me, the one who is willing to lay it all down for those I love, can cause myself pain and heart break. Why is that you may ask? It's not because I love them, support them and stand for them..... It's because I allowed my heart to get so wrapped up in the natural that I tried to save them , heal them and restore them on my own. My own ......…

I Am Human

I am not as strong as I appear to be..... I have my time of weakness.  I cry the same tears you cry.... But behind closed doors.
My smile is genuine..... So is the pain surrounding it. I have my bad days just as you do.... Life throws us all curve balls from time to time. 
I love hard..... I lose gracefully. I care deep.... I run from rejection.
I stumble through negativity..... I rise again through encouragement.  I make mistakes..... I become victorious.
I stand for the ones I love..... Through their pain and their joy. I give second chances..... And then some. 
I fight strong..... I crumble easy. I have my own insecurities..... I have my own strengths.
I see things in others they themselves can't see.... I believe in them..... I see their heart. 
I forgive easy..... I love faithfully.  I try again...... And again. 
I walk hard roads.... That lead to easy ones.
I climb mountains...
I walk through valleys. I see the clouds... But feel the sunshine.  I don't understand.... But I trust in Him. 
Though I may break...…