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Go After Them

The Lord has really put a burning in my heart for those who have been rejected ...... For those who continue to return to their life of old... The ones that run.... The ones that hide.... The abused, beaten and scorned .... And yes, the ones who constantly ride the fence.
Today as I listened for God's voice, I am reminded of Gomer.  How many times did she return to her old life of harlotry ? And many times did Hosea go after her??
Scripture doesn't give us an exact number of times, just that she left.
 What it does say is God instructs Hosea to love her again.....

Hosea 3:1
The Lord said to me, " Go,show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another man and is an adulteress. Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes."

As the body of Christ, how many Gomer's do we have placed in our lives? 
Do we go after them time and time again?........
Or after a certain amount of time, wash our hands of them?
At o…

Girl Can I Tell You?!?!?

We girls all have our little circle of sisterhood we call on to share our life news with. Our click we turn to when  expressing ourselves in the worst and best of times. Our venting and sounding boards..... Our counselor's and adviser's...... Our person...... Our confidant..... Our finger pointing, head bobbing, eye rolling, you will not believe this, side kicks.
Our " Girl Can I Tell You?!?!? " ( And even one or two that will help hide a body if the need arises.... )
KIDDING, I am just kidding!!

I am blessed to have a circle of women I can go to for any and all in my life.  They know the good, the bad and the ugly in my life......  They see my heart and encourage me daily........  They know my desires and cheer me on....... They are my correction and my protection......... They know my weakness and my strengths.......... They are there when things in life get messy.... They see me for who I am...... A  child of God living this life through his grace and mercy.

There are many scripture…

Cross Roads

* I take no credit for this photo*

How many times in life do we come to a crossroad? 
I know......Many right?
With every new season in life, we come to a crossroad.
I have encountered many in my life.
Some good........
Some not so good.
 I am sitting at one at this very moment in my life...
Waiting for instruction on which road I am to take. 

I know most see a cross road as a major life change and I agree, most are. 
My cross road my not be huge or major, but to me ,never the less, it is a cross road. 

In the past I have always ran ahead of God....
Turning on  roads I thought were best. 
Little did I know I would have to back up, turn around, and start over.....
Many times......
Which is exhausting in itself, Can I tell you?

 The good news....
Our daddy God never leaves us as we are.
We are not left stranded on the side of the road.
He has given us a map....
Road signs.....
Others standing for us , pointing us in the right way.
( Our cloud of witnesses)
Directions for our journey. 
We do however have…

Bending Not Breaking

Many times in life we all have chosen  to "bend" at one time or another. Make exceptions..... Extend grace...... Show mercy....... Love through gritted teeth..... Keep the peace. There are times when our bending seems we are on the verge of breaking. That we have nothing left to give...... We are scrapping the bottom of our "grace" jar. Mercy has fled..... Peace has dried up.  We are pulled and tugged in many directions..... Ready to run screaming....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
This is how my week has been thus far. From one extreme to another..... As I start to throw my hands up in complete exasperation..... Ready to throw in the towel.....  HE shows up in all his glory reminding me of who I am !! His child, His daughter....... A child of the Most High God.
I am  blessed beyond measure to have so many who remind me daily through all my bending I will not break!! My jar of grace is refilled...... Mercy surrounds me.... Peace covers me like a cloak of honey..... Love in abun…

Love In Brokenness

I was broken. My heart was shattered like shards of glass..... My soul cried out in pain...... My physical appearance had begun to disappear. I literally was walking through my life in a state of hopelessness. And I had no clue...........
By God's grace, I had several in my life that were called to stand with me and for me. Those who encouraged and lifted me up on a daily bases. Those who held me up when all I wanted to do was lay down.... Those who would not let me quit in life. 
No judgement.......... They gave me hope..... The gave me love. 
The broken need hope and to have hope, they need to be loved.  They need to see there is a light in the midst of the darkness..... For others to speak into their lives with a resounding voice of victory. 

When we extend love ( light), the broken begin to have hope and faith then becomes a light. 
God's word tells us in 
1 Corinthians 13:13 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Love conquers and covers.....

Forgiveness is Hard

Forgiveness can be such a tough road to walk...... A road filled with hurt..... Anger..... Frustration..... Irritation...... Brokenness..... A heart that has been beaten and shattered..... A physical pain that is unbearable...... Unimaginable...........
Forgiveness is a bitter character..... He steals our joy..... He steals our peace..... Our happiness....... He stomps all over our hearts and minds, having us to relive the pain over and over again..... He invites bitterness and resentment in , only for them to play tag with our emotions.... He sets up his own projector screen within our hearts to play his never ending movie through our minds and emotions.
 A movie made to keep us from stepping out on the road of  "Forgiveness".......
The Lord showed me several years ago ,for me to move forward in my life and be happy, I had to walk the road of forgiveness. There were no detours.... No short cuts..... I had to stay on this road.  One step at a time..... Healing with each step taken.
There was a lo…