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Letting Go Of My Ashes

" He will give beauty for ashes" 
I adore those words.  I love that in the midst of my trials his promise is "beauty for my ashes"
To have the knowledge , the promise, no matter how ugly life can get, there will be beauty emerging from the ashes.
God wants to take my (your) trials and messiness and give me (you) joy and healing.

 However, to receive my beauty, I must let go of my ashes.
When I heard Joyce Meyer say those words, I began to think about what, if any, ashes have I hoarded away or did I have any that I presently was holding on to.
As I pondered on any ashes in my life, I continued to listen to Joyce and then next words she spoke hit me like a arrow to a bulls-eye.....

"First step forgive everyone who hast hurt you."
A ash is now revealed....un- forgiveness
I tell God, I do forgive, how can this be an ash I am holding?
In his grace,  He shows me....
Even though I have spoken forgiveness out of obedience, the process of working through my hurt I …

Difficulties In Taming Tongues

There have been  many times when all I wanted to do was speak the first words that came to my mind, Never giving any thought to what those words were or what damage they would do. As my inner voice pleaded with me, yelled at me and shouted  from within...... " Stacey this is not a good idea" .... I did it anyway.   ~sigh~ Sadly I had reacted to my emotions. My hurt feelings.... My anger........... And my frustrations.
In doing so, regardless of what the individual had done to me, I had now damaged their heart, hurt more feelings and tore their self worth in two just has mine had been.
Now my inner voice is softly saying to me...
" Two wrongs do not make a right Stacey"
And within minutes I feel horrible for reacting and not responding.
The damage has been done and I can not take back my words.
Having those emotions are a normal part of life. We all get hurt, angry and frustrated. No one is ever excluded from having them.  However it's how we deal with them is wha…

D- Determination

I went and saw the movie War Room.
It was amazing. If you get a chance to see it, I suggest you do.
Once again I was reminded of the power of prayer, the blessings in grace and the peace in forgiveness.
To witness each character's  own turmoil as they struggled through the issues at hand  was more than inspiring.
It was hope on a whole new level.
It showed me that God's grace is truly a gift , one he extends without reserve.
It showed me the times spent on my knees in prayer are not in vain, for they are my battle weapons. I may not see the outcome instantly, but there is always a victory in the making.
It gave me a new insight on how forgiveness heals and instills peace.

Daddy God will speak to us in many different ways.
Yesterday He spoke to my heart as I sat munching on my popcorn and having girl time with a precious friend.
And speak He did.

" I know your heart daughter and I know your needs. Trust in me for you and those you love. I am doing a work in you and them. …

A Squirrel And A Lesson Of Love

This morning as I sat and drank my coffee, I watched this momma squirrel teach her baby where to go to collect their breakfast.  As she ran up and down the tree over the wooden fence, her baby followed her every foot step. Stopping when mom stopped, running when mom ran and jumping to the next spot just like mom was doing.  It was a peaceful moment in time in which my daddy God reminded me of his love and care for all his children and his love for me.
I began to think back on the many times in my life his footprints  guided me down the tress, over the fences and through the rough spots in my life,  The many people he placed in my path to encourage me through my brokenness.  The love of family and friends that feed me with words of strength and healing. I began to see all the times in my life he used me to feed others even through my own struggles. When I surrender to his will, my focus shifts from my own brokenness to theirs.  In return he positions others to stand for me. Just as th…

One Step Forward...Two Steps Back

One step forward....Two steps back. 
I have heard that saying my entire life.  I have listened to the cries of many stating "Why is it every time I take a step forward, I am having to take two steps back?" The two steps back may appear to be a negative. A struggle to regain balance in a world that is unbalanced. A punishment of sorts for choices made or not made.  A unfair act that leaves us in a state of shock.  Emotions that has us tumbling out of our comfort zone.  And the feeling our progression in life has stopped cold in its tracks. 
I  have asked many a night the same questions. Wondering what exactly had I done wrong.  Or what I could have done different.  I had not taken the time to see why I was having to take two steps back.  Honestly I did not even want to know the why.  I just wanted to move forward with no regard of the possible outcome. I was relying on my own efforts.  Trusting my own abilities and not leaning to the one whose desire is to direct my path.  My…