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A Quiet Place

All who know me know I am a full throttle kinda girl.  The energizer bunny at warp speed some would say.  Being a single mom for most of my life double duty was the norm.  A full time working mom whose daughters both were involved in every sport, every school function and outside activities with the youth group, my world was go go go.  Never a dull or slow moment. 
I would like to say I had allowed the hustle and bustle of life to consume me, however that would not be completely accurate. 
According to my mom, I have been this way since the day I took my first breath. 

However,as I have gotten older, living life at warp speed is not always best.
Never allowing myself to slow down and smell the roses per say not only has me miss out on the simple things in life, I miss hearing what my daddy God wants to speak to me. 
Over the years I leaned to slow down a bit, stop, and listen for the voice of my daddy God.  I had no clue how OCD I truly was until I was told to "Be Still".  I had no c…

Countless Blessings

We were notified last week that the power  at work would shut off for a couple of hours today for some new power poles and lines to be erected in the area.   When I left work last night I cut the air down  lower than normal  in the hopes once power was shut off, the office would not become a sweltering hot box. 
 During lunch time today I sat in the the office thankful for the bit of  sun rays shining into the lobby allowing me to see to eat my lunch. Even though it had become a little warm inside, it was bearable and not suffocating.  With our phone system down , the guys in the back  piddling for things to do to keep them occupied, I was happy for the peace and quiet that surrounded me.  No noise..... Just me and my thoughts.
Normally I would be counting the seconds until power came back on.  Living in the deep south summer time is brutal. It's not just the heat that can be unbearable but the high humidity that becomes like a thick wool blanket and is extremely stifling. But today inste…