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So Many Questions

 It's been several weeks since I've blogged here. I have had days lately when my life appears to be a three ring circus..... Some days so  full of complete chaos I have felt as though I was being torn in a million  different directions, physically and emotionally.  Others so great I just wanted to simply bask in the joy of them...... Never to move again.  Life will do that.
I am finding that here recently I have many questions jogging through my mind. Actually they are more like sprinting.  As one question pops up another is surfacing.
" Am I where I need to be?" Am I loving those around me like you want me to?" " Do I continue to stand in the gap for this person or is my season completed here?" " Have I shown grace where grace is needed?" "Have I extended mercy and forgiveness instead of  anger and wrath?" "Can others still see your light shinning through me when the clouds of darkness develop?" "Am I still the one who you created …