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Daddy Doesn't Love Me~

As a little girl, I wanted to be loved by my daddy. I longed for his approval and his praise. I just wanted to be the "apple of his eye".  My dad did love me the best way he knew how, however he harbored alot of resentments towards me before I was even born.

 Why resentments??.......

I was a unplanned pregnancy back in 1969 for two high school sweethearts,that by all accounts had planned on getting married after graduation, however I was not apart of their plans at that time.  My mom, who was an honor roll student, graduated from high school 5 months pregnant with me.

I was the first of three children for my parents.

From an early age, I could feel his anger towards me, the irritation that I had somehow messed up his life plans. I wasn't suppose to be here in is eyes, not at that particular time in his life.

However, God knew it was my timing to grace the world with my birth~

There are no "unplanned" pregnancies with God. Every child born as a perfect timing in th…

When God Uses People...Featuring Tracy Teppler

I love how God uses people and I love it and am humbled by when the Lord sometimes uses me in some small way.  I love when someone is desperate for a touch, a word, from God and... they get it.  I love when one is in church and you see how people have been touched by God.

I WANT THAT... for me too.  My husband and I have been going through a very hard thing and its culminating in a court case on the 7th of February, but I have been fearful and alternating between begging the Lord to intervene before then, or begging Him to make it go away!  We have been trying to do all the right things, like reading God's word, trusting Him, speaking His word over the situation... But it is TOUGH to have faith in the face of the enemy's attempts at destruction when you have been standing for so long.

And then.... WOW!

The morning after a 5 1/2 hour meeting with our lawyers to prepare for the court case, the morning after being emotionally drained and emptied, I go on facebook.  You know, check …

Is Your Heart Healthy?? Featuring Ms. Brenda Yoder

How is your heart working today? Is your ticker ticking fine? Are you tired, exhausted, or at risk for a heart attack?Today, let’s have a heart check-up. A spiritual and emotional heart check-up, that is.Isn’t it amazing how easily we can talk about our physical condition, but are less comfortable talking about our spirit and emotional condition?Would you answer the above questions as easily if they were about your real heart?How is your internal heart working?Is it doing well - you’ve been engaging in healthy emotional and spiritual behaviors, your relationships are going well, and you’re free from anxiety?Or are you emotionally tired or mentally exhausted?Are you living life on the edge behaviorally, spiritually, or mentally, not taking care of areas that may cause a mental, emotional, or spiritual “heart attack”? Being aware of and taking care of your behavioral, emotional, and spiritual heart health is important.Healthy hearts, healthy homes nails it right on the head.When our inter…

Forgiveness...Featuring Kathy Grisham

Matthew 6:12
and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

Matthew 6:14 If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.
Matthew 6:15 But if refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.

What a word. 
We are commanded to forgive those that hurt us. If we do decide to forgive, we sometimes say "Well I'll forgive, but I will never forget." That's not what God's word says.  We are to forgive and never bring it up again. That's what he does, when we ask for forgiveness. He forgives and never thinks about it again. Forever forgotten.
Let me tell you a little story about forgiveness. Once upon a time there was this man and this woman. They fell in love  got married, and had kids. Life wasn't always easy, times were tough, but they seemed happy enough. 28 years pass and one day the woman comes home from work and there is a note on the table. The man is leaving her, for another w…

Introducing Ms. Kathy Grisham~

I am so excited to introduce Ms. Kathy Grisham to the "She Stands" family!!!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Kathy a few months back as she shared a large part of her testimony.
As southern women, you can just imagine the chatter boxes we became over the phone!! :)

( We southern women LOVE to talk)

Kathy's story captured my heart as well as had my eyes shedding a few tears. To hear this beautiful, strong woman of God tell of the road she has been walking will truly minister to your heart as well as your soul!!!

Her story will show all, there is sun after the rain, a healing after the pain, and a destiny no one can stop once God has you in the palm of his hand!!!

Kathy's love for the Lord and determination to overcome is truly an inspiration in itself!!

I know you will be encouraged by her words and life story!! I am!!!

Please help me welcome Kathy to "She Stands" and pop over to her blog "Walking in Faith " by clicking Here~


Once Upon A Time~

Once upon a time......
 All fairy tales seem to start with those four little words.....  Little girls dream of a "once upon a time" life.
It's through innocent eyes and a pure heart,we all as young girls speak of our future prince charming.... Our knight in shining armour. Our house with the white picket fence.... Our perfect children.... Perfect job....... Perfect families.
Our "Once upon a time" ~

For most of us, our story book of life,when opened is not the fairy tale we dreamed it would be. We have had our moments of pure joy.... (Marriage) Great sadness.... (Divorce) Ecstatic  times.... (Birth of a child) Lonely times..... (Death of a loved one) Brokenness.... (Addiction) And restoration... (Healing)
Our story contains  chapters of pure heartache and failure..... While some of our chapters do tell of happiness and joy, the world tends to zone in on the ones that speak of our detail no doubt.
Our eyes are no longer shinning with innocence and our hearts while onc…