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Her Son.....Our Saviour

This is a post I wrote 4 years ago  (4/8/12) on "Shakin' the Foundation" blog site. I share it every Easter. I pray it ministers to your hearts. 

As Easter approaches, I have been thinking alot about Jesus' time here on earth. We have all heard of his birth,his teachings,his signs,wonders and miracles. For the most part, we have been taught his life story from those who had the honor of walking daily with him, from those who witnessed every aspect of his life here.

However today I am seeing his life through a mother's eyes.......

Mary's eyes.....

 As a mom myself, I can feel her joy when she looked into the eyes of her precious son. The miracle that she had been chosen to give birth to.

That sweet precious baby boy that sometimes would fall down while playing, the one that cried out to her to pick him up.....

Can you imagine looking into those beautiful eyes knowing what his true purpose was?

As a mom, I can only imagine had I been in her shoes,how extremely hard it would have been for me to let go. ( I had a hard time just seeing my daughter off to college and the military)

 I don't believe I could have let go............

In fact I know I couldn't have.....

Could you???

I can sense how proud Mary was of the man her darling baby boy had grown to be. The joy of a mother's heart.

Conversations that would forever be etched in her heart.....

I believe that I would have wanted to beg God to not let it be. I would have cried out to please let the task my son was to full fill be removed.



In the natural of course I would have had those feelings, as any mother would. We have a bond with our children that is indescribable.

Mary knew from the beginning the child she bore was the son of God. She knew that this precious miracle had a destiny to full fill, the new covenant between man and God.

She knew her son came to save the world......

As I watched the movie "The Passion of the Christ" ,the connection I felt with Mary as she watches the pain and suffering her son goes through for ALL man kind, is more than over whelming for me.

There are actually no words to describe my emotions.

God's word tells us in

1 John 4:9
In this the love of God was manifested towards us, that God has sent his only begotten Son into the world,that we might live through him.

Could you give up your  only son, to take on ALL the sin of the world, every disease, every hardship and to have him die a sinners death to save the world??

I couldn't.....

But she did.......

God did.......

As Mary looks into her son's eyes and he tells her it is almost finished, my tears are uncontrollable.  My sobs rack my body as I  watch her run to her son. This beautiful, precious son,whom she gave birth to is now dying for her.

He is dying for us all......

He is dying for a world that rejected him, scorned him, accused him. beat him and killed him.

I can't comprehend the pain, the suffering, the anguish , the despair, the grief, and the helpless feelings Mary had to have felt as she witnessed her son's death.

I do believe in my heart, she would have taken his place if she could have. What mother wouldn't want to spare their child from this??

I admire the strength she found in God. I admire her selfless act of love in spite of knowing she would lose her son here on earth. To know that she would never see her son marry and  have children of his own.

I admire her for paving the way for future mothers to be able to let go and allow God's destiny for their children's lives to be as God planned.

To say that I am thankful and grateful for this beautiful man to take my place upon that cross and to bear all my sins is a understatement. There are not enough life times for me to love and cherish, worship, honor and serve  my Saviour.

The one who came to die for me, the one that suffered a death like no other, the one who's love was and is so great that we can never grasp it's fullness in our natural minds.

The One who came to save the world..............

As we celebrate this Easter, the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, I encourage you to look into your children's eyes,  see them through Mary's  eyes and remember that once upon a time, many years ago, here on earth there was a mother that unselfishly gave her son, for all our sons and daughters to live!!

His love for us is beyond words. He came to take away all our suffering and in doing so suffered for us.

I encourage you all , do not let her son and His death go in vain

Reach to him, love him, walk with him and glorify him!!! Allow him to direct your steps and walk in the abundance of life that He has for you!!!!

Surrender your everything to him!

He has already paid the price for us all......

 After all He is our Saviour!!

John 11:25

 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;

Happy Easter!

Much Love~

* Photo's from the movie "The Passion of the Christ" *


  1. I liked this movie, too, for its tender portrayal of the relationship between Jesus and Mary. This is such a good time to pick up these little nuggets in the well-known story and treasure them, like she did, in our hearts.

  2. Thank you Mrs P for your sweet words. I am happy you stopped by today. The little nuggets I am picking up are such a treasure to my soul.

    God bless you!!

  3. Oh, I love this post!! Do you mind if I share it on my blog? With proper credit of course :)

    1. Yes ma'm I would be honored Ren!!! Thank you my friend :))

    2. Thank you! I'll post it tomorrow :)

  4. I shared too, so good says this momma who cries at that same scene EVERY time!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Kris, I cry EVERY time as well!!! A roll of tissue isn't enough. Happy Easter and many blessings to you my sweet friend!!

  5. Your post inspired me to watch "The Passion" again. Easter is so much more then candy eggs, pretty dresses, chocolate bunnies and that movie speaks it loudly. I have often wondered if we took all the money we spend on what the world says Easter is and put it toward helping the gospel get out, what a difference it would make. It is much easier overseas in a remote tribe to really worship Him instead of what the world says Easter is. Great post, great reminder, thanks.

    1. Thank you Betty for your encouraging words! I, too must agree with you. The world tells a very different story of what Easter is all about but I believe our Lord is moving in such a way we will ALL be able to get the gospel out to all ends of the earth!! :))
      Thank you for stopping by and many blessings to you!

  6. I enjoyed your telling of "the story". I am visiting with DYWW blog hop. I am a follower. I will enjoy getting to know you.

    1. I am blessed you stopped by and look forward to getting to know you as well. :) I am glad you enjoyed this post.
      Many blessings to you Betty :)

  7. That is an awesome perspective...from a mother. I couldn't have imagined, but I think that's a part of the reason that God chose Mary. He knew that she would understand His purpose, but I'm sure that didn't make it less painful. Great post.
    Happy Easter

    1. Thank you Hope!! And I agree with you, I believe she understood but the pain was no less.
      Happy Easter and many blessings to you!! :)

  8. Beautiful, heart-rending perspective from a mother's eyes and heart...thank you. God knew that Mary would have to let go; He knew that she would because she would have to so that her son could save the world. Part of why she was chosen...


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