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Perspective...Featuring Tracy Teppler

I have been thinking a lot lately about perspective!  My husband bought me a camera for Christmas (yes, it is early but I am enjoying it thoroughly) and I cannot go anywhere without looking at things differently.  I see flowers and I think about how awesome they would look if I had my camera on me.  I take pictures and I try to catch the insides of the flower because I want to show God's creativity.  I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset and I cannot wait to dive down the passage to grab my camera to start clicking away.  I have even started a blog dedicated to the favourites of my pictures, sort of like an on-line album.  
But what this is teaching me is that perspective is very important.  If you have the wrong angle, or the wrong light, or (if like me) you lack experience in photo taking, the whole picture can come out wrong. So, what is my point?   The thing is, perspective in our day to day lives is very important too.  If our attitudes are wrong, if we see everything through the …

Pout or Praise...Featuring Diana Dobbs

I woke up last Friday with James 1 swirling in my head:
"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."
I didn't realize how much that verse would really mean to me that day. See, I had just had to leave my new job after two separate episodes of anaphylaxis. (Severe allergic reaction). I was allergic to something at my work place. So, I lost my paycheck and my benefits for myself and my children.
This just topped off a string of things going on in my life right now. As I said, I woke up with this scripture on Friday morning, about an hour before they called to tell me that Worker's Comp was NOT going to pay for my time off and medications, etc. Now, I'm going to keep it real here-- Was my first reaction to praise the Lord or was my first reaction to stress and wonder what I was going to do? If you g…

Introducing Ms. Diana Dobbs

This lovely lady has been my best friend and soul sister since the age of 11. Boy could we tell some stories about each other..... And then some!!  To try and write about her and what she means to me in just a few words is impossible. We have been through so many of life's trials and victories together, a few words could not do her  or our relationship justice. Diana's stories of Godly favor, redemption and healing through out her life will keep you glued to your seat and rejoicing at the top of your lungs!!
Her " keeping it real style" allows many to see, it doesn't matter where you have been in life, God does and has always loved you and been there in the midst of your every storm.
I have been blessed to have witness her stand in places of life that most could not and in doing so brings a testimony of God's love, grace, mercy and strength that is beyond on natural minds. Her stories will encourage you and strengthen you to keep pushing in and pressing forward.…

Introducing Tracy Teppler~

Once again I have the honor of introducing yet another fabulous lady to the "She Stands" family!!
Tracy is a wife, mother and passionate woman of God. She is the author of "My daily walk in His grace" blog.
 You can find her Here
I have been blessed to call this beautiful woman of God my friend and sister in Christ. Tracy's charm and witty personality will touch your heart,  put a smile on your face and some pep in your daily steps.
A lover of nature and animals, Tracy's love for God and encouraging others is amazing!
(Meet Blossom, Tracy's pup )
She shines the love of Christ in all that she writes to minister to hearts all over the world.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee, or for Tracy a cup of tea, and help me welcome her as she will be guest blogging once a month here at "She Stands"
I promise you will be blessed.... I am :)

Men who never change their ways have no fear of God....Featuring Brenda Yoder

"Men who never change their ways have no fear of God." Psalm 55:19
I've shaken my fist at God before, wondering why He's pointing out yet another thing in my life needing to be changed. 
"I'm tired, Lord. Are there really that many things about me that are wrong? Is there anything in me that is right?"
Have you ever had conversations like that with God? Thinking about my first post for "She Stands," words from Psalm 55:19 came to mind.  Fear of God and the resolve to change behavior are the reasons I can stand after battling the enemy in life's trials.
After coming through years of conflict and turmoil, our family is standing today. What began in me as reactionary responses to a strong-willed child in early years of parenting turned into explosive power struggles during rebellious teen years with one of my children.I never dreamed I had such anger inside of me, but it poured over my soul and spirit, coming out in hurtful,damaging words to a …

Are we there yet? ....Featuring Sheila Cunningham

Are we there yet?

We were so tired of riding, we had been in the car for probably thirty minutes and all five of us were squished in the back seat.  My younger brother was laying on floor of the car and my youngest sister was laying next to the back window.  I asked my Dad "are we there yet?"  To which he replied "no and don't ask me again!"  Isn't it just like us as we go to our Daddy God asking " are we there yet?" But in His loving kindness He continues to direct our steps and encourage us along the way.

I can remember so many times seeking God with a prayer request that I needed a response to and having that tired, anxious feeling again as I did as a child riding in that car.  Why when I was little did my Dad not give me a breakdown of where we were and if he planned on stopping along the way and exactly what time we would arrive at our destination?  For the same reason I didn't give my children explicit answers to their inquiry "are we…

Who will Rise for me against Evil doers? ...Featuring Michell Pulliam

When you’ve done it for the least of them…. “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Unless the Lord had been my help, My soul would soon have settled in silence.” Psalm 94: 16-17. Wasn’t it Chaplain Peter Marshall that said, '...because if we don't stand for something, we shall fall for anything'. Indifference is as bad as participation. If we as the Body won’t stand for those who are suffering, those who can’t fight for themselves, those who are impoverished…then who will? Listen, I’m not condemning the Body, for I too am a part of it; but we must all admit that somewhere along the way…we sort of lost some of our compassion. When Jesus separates the sheep (those who showed compassion) and the goats (those who didn’t show compassion) and told the sheep to “come you blessed of My father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world”…why?Because He said…”when you did it for one of the l…