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He Sees My Heart

I had my grandson over the weekend and as much as I love him and enjoy spending time with him, I pretty much looked like this by Sunday morning.  Ok  I looked a tad bit worse. ( Just keeping it real) My little grand precious is almost 8 months old and he's cutting teeth.  Needless to say he (we) did not sleep very well the two nights he stayed with his Honey.
However in spite of our lack of sleep, he had his moments when he would look at me, flash that beautiful smile and laugh with delight regardless of how awful my appearance had become.  Messy hair..... No make up........ Circles under my eyes the size of the Grand Canyon...... Sweats covered in baby food that did not quite make it to his mouth....  Did I mention the spit up? And......... He loves me just as I am !

At such a tender young age my grand precious sees my heart and knows the love I have for him. It's not my outward appearance.  ( Thank goodness, as I had the "ran over by a mac truck " look all weekend)
The same goes…