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The Arms Of My Jesus

"It is well with my soul...." Softly I sing those words in a hush whisper to my heart.  Today is one of those days when I long to tangibly climb on the lap of my Jesus and let Him soothe my anxious  heart.   To say it is well with my soul but yet my flesh is ate up with emotion bears the question " How can one be at peace and yet the other sits in a pool of anxious emotion? "  I ask myself this question over and over again.  My flesh has screamed and cried out to no avail.  And my heart is weary. It seems the season I am in at this very moment is a season of breaking and much change. Beauty for ashes.....again.

I am tired of the ashes of life. I am undone, unraveled and exhausted because of these ashes. My flesh struggles to remain anchored in hope and my soul reassures me with every tear drop there is  beauty within. The relentless effort to see this beauty has my joy meter in the red. And that's OK.

I have had many ask me, "How can you have faith and y…

Fear Has No Place

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash The new year has me starting a new bible study with some precious women I hold dear to my heart. We have decided to study the book of Jeremiah. How cool is it this book has 52 chapters, one chapter for every week. Jeremiah 29:11 and 1:5 have been a few of my favorites since I can remember but I must say the little nuggets I have received this week thus far in chapter one has me pretty stoked to learn more about the man God called to be a prophet before he ever took his first breath. Chapter 1 verse 8 continued to echo into my spirit.  " Do not be afraid of their faces, For I am with you to deliver you", says the Lord. Those words hit their mark with me. Rejection has been a huge thorn in my side since childhood. I work on it daily however when God calls me to speak into someones life, I have my moments when I'd rather run than speak. God reminds me to not be afraid of their faces. I relate "faces" to negative back lash and q…