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Please Lord, NOT again........

I can't catch my breath. My heart is pounding in my chest and my knees are buckling...... "Please Lord, pleaseeee Lord"......
I am now begging him. Sitting on my bedroom floor, rocking back and forth...........
My sobs are uncontrolled and my tears will not stop. I do not understand how or why I am having to go through this heart ache...... This unbearable,gut wrenching heartache.
My days are now filled with work, that I can't seem to focus on, my daughter's sporting events and then home to lock myself away in my bed room to shed the huge amount of tears that have been building all day.
I tell myself over and over...... This is not happening again, it can't be.... It just can't!
But it is and the reality has set in and I am now going through a divorce...... Again.................
Looking in the mirror I can see a huge "D" painted on my chest. Across my forehead are words running like a ticker tape...... Loser, worthless, unlovable, pathetic, and disgrace.

Introducing Michell Pulliam

This beautiful lady is Michell Pulliam.  I am so excited to be introducing her as a member of "She Stands".  
I have been blessed to befriend Michell through her blog Prowess and Pearls.  I encourage you to  hop over and show her some love! "Prowess and Pearl

Her "keeping it real" style and love for the Lord is amazing!! Michell is a mom to three beautiful children and one handsome son-in- law and wife to Pastor Todd Pulliam. 

She and her husband shephard a flock of God's children in Columbia, South Carolina. ( Word Empowerment Zone Ministries)

It's is an honor and blessing to have First Lady Michell partner with She Stands. She will be guesting blogging here once a month.

Her encourgement and keeping it real style will have you wanting more!!!


Introducing Ms. Brenda Yoder!!

Brenda lives life on a farm in Northern Indiana with her husband and four children, ages ranging from middle school to college.She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and BA in Secondary Education.After being a stay-at-home-mom and a high school History teacher, she currently is a part-time elementary school counselor, behavioral service provider, and has a small private counseling practice. Her greatest passion is encouraging others and ministering God’s word to the hurting and the lost.In addition to counseling, she does this through writing and speaking.She is a contributing writer to her denomination’s monthly devotional magazine, writes a monthly column in her community’s newspaper, is a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, and writes a blog, Life Beyond the Picket Fence (, authentically sharing life and God’s Word of out of her own experience of restoration and hope after her image of the “picket-fence life” was shattered.She loves joinin…

Her life of Standing~

She Stands……… In the kitchen, pouring her first cup of coffee…. At the door, waving her children off to school…. At the ball field, rubbing her hands together cheering her child in overtime…. In church, for the couple kneeling at the altar for their healing…. In the gap for those she doesn’t know, but yet sees their struggles…. For her sister’s health issues….. For her childhood friend as he lays his mom to rest….. For every trial and valley her children walk through…..
She Stands……… For her parents when their faith seems dim…… For her brother and his family’s trials…… For youth who are lost……. For those who have hurt her…… For those who have blessed her….
She Stands…….. In the mirror, taking in every wrinkle that creases her face….. In the memories of her own youth……. In the joy of who she was and who she is today…… For every tear she has cried…. For every smile she has given…..
In His Grace…… His unfailing love…… His mercies that are new everyday……. As woman, a mom, a sister, a daughter and friend……… A woma…

Introducing Ms.Sheila Cunningham~

I am so excited to be introducing Ms. Sheila Cunningham as a memeber of the "She Stands" family!!
Sheila is a beautiful woman who loves the Lord with all her heart. I have been blessed to have her as a friend, prayor warrior and sister in Christ!!
My Texas family rocks can I tell you ??!!!!
She is a mom,wife,sister,grandmother,friend and a daughter of the KING of Kings!!!
Sheila will be guest blogging once a month here at "She Stands" She is also the creator of "In HIS Presence" a ministry FB page.
( Feel free to pop over and see how God is using this wonderful lady to spread the good news!!......In HIS Presence )
I am honored to have her here and know just as I have been blessed to have her in my life, all who read her posts will be equally blessed!!
Please help me welcome Sheila Cuningham to "She Stands"

Stepping out in Faith~

Wow, to say I am a little nervous to take this step is an understatement. God had placed this additional blog on my heart several months ago.

For those who do not know, my sister, and best friend Diana have our ministry blog site "Shakin' the Foundation" and for me to step out and add another one to my resume' of blogger is a honor and blessing.

However it is a tad bit scary to start something new......

But that is what God does with His children.....

He has us to step out of our comfort zone into the unknown.....

He brings us to a new place of uncertainties, only to have us learn a new level of faith in Him. 

He tells us to despise not small beginnings.....

So here I am, at a new place, biting my finger nails, twirling my hair between my fingers,and breathing deeply as I take this new step.

 In the near future, I will be introducing a few ladies that will be guest blogging here on a regular basis. I am honored that these women are in my life and can't wait for them t…