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Sometimes the Best Answer is a Four Letter Word – by Brenda Yoder

I spent three years in grad school learning multiple theories on personality, development, and how do conduct talk therapy. Thousands of hours from work experience has taught mesometimes the best answer for life's problems is a four-letter word . Bob Newhart puts it humorously in his Mad TV episode: [youtube=] Stop. It.
In case you think I'm a heartless counselor, I should preface that my comments are personal lessons I've learned also as a teacher, parent, andrecovered bulimic/anorexic. There are some situations where the best answer inchanging behavior it to simply STOP.  The other word for it is one that's missing from today's vernacular:self-control. Are there areas in your life that need self-control?  Are there areas where thefirst step in change lies in "stopping the behavior,"even just once? I know of which I speak. There have been more areas than just eating that have been out of balance in my life. As God has worked through …

Am I Ready Lord ??

I can speak of my past....... I feel safe in my present.......... But I am nervous for my future...... Excited and nervous wrapped into one.
Am I ready Lord??
God's word tells us, He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love and sound mind. So why am I so nervous?  Maybe I am scared of myself..... ~Sheesh~ Scared I will maybe make the same choices again..... ~Yuck~ Scared the "old" me will resurface and the emotional baggage of my past will consume the me of today..... ~Lord No~ Fearful if I truly allow someone in, I will be rejected.... ~tears~ Or the choices I make will be just that, MY choices and not God's will for my life. ~Sweet Jesus~

 My door of isolation has opened, I take my first few steps breathing in the new season that is upon me...... It is a sweet excitement..... Very sweet!  But as refreshing as it is, part of me wants to run back to the sheltered place I have lived..... My comfort zone...... My safe place...... Where it's just been me and God...... No rejection..…