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Winding Roads

Life would be so much easier if every road we traveled was straight and our view never became obstructed, however that is not always the case.Our roads in life will at some point will began to curve and twist.Some may be sharp and narrow ones while others may be wide and large. It seems the winding roads come out of no where.They appear when least expected and tend to, at times, present an unwelcome surprise. A jolt to the tranquil ..... A bang within the peace...... A disruption of the joy.
Over time I have learned when I can not see what is in front of me or what is around the next bend, it is then my trust in my daddy God must be unwavering . I can not simply trust him just in the times of joy in my life, I must trust him in every area of my life. And that includes winding roads. I  am coming into a new season of  change.A shift I can not quite understand. I have not had any major catastrophic events. Nor have I had anything happen that has knocked me off my feet.   But my road has bec…

Assurance Comes From Him

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash "You seek assurance from others when you should be seeking it from me." Those are the words the Lord spoke to me in the midnight hour on December 11th 2016. I was dealing with a deeply embedded wound causing my heart to grieve from someone I love dearly. I do not believe there is not a person alive that does not seek assurance from a loved one, friend, employer or pastor. It's human nature to want an accolade, an acknowledgment of merit from those who are important in our lives. But when the desire for assurance and self confidence from others becomes more than assurance from God, the merit we long for cannot be be found. Almost a year later, I am finding my self struggling with decisions that will impact my future greatly, and once again seeking assurance however this time.....from God and God alone.

Assurance from God is a self confidence that can not be measured.  It is one that leaves no doubt and continues to build in a magnitude …