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Joyous Expectations

I do not remember the last time I felt the urgency to write. It felt as though I had lost the words the Lord had swirling on the inside of me. No matter how many times I opened my blog to pen what was in my heart, my entire being would draw a huge blank. So there I sat waiting for the words to come; ready for them to spill from the orifice of my many tears. While I did not hear any words to script, my heart and soul heard..."Shhhhhh" 

  2019 has been a uncomfortable year of waiting for me. Asking, seeking, praying without ceasing, diving into His word time after time and...…… more waiting. I could not find any solace in the silence I was bearing.  In the middle of what I saw as a paused life, growth has been taking place. A growth I could not understand ...…until now.

If I had to pick one point of growth to share, one that stands out the greatest, TRUST.  I have stressed to my children, my friends and family more times than I can count to trust the Lord. And make no mistake…