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Truth, Lies and Regrowth

A few months ago I decided to replace the flowers that were in this planter. The ones I had were dead and I saw no hope of them ever coming back. 
I pulled all the dead out and I though I had all the existing roots pulled out as well. 

Two weeks ago I noticed the regrowth of what I thought I had successful removed. 
As the new sprouts of green begin to shoot out of the dirt, the new buds were forming. 
Three nights ago much to my delight a bloom had blossomed and it's bright color of yellow shined even in the darkest, cold night.   
As I looked at the beauty in the new growth in my planter, I began to think of the person I use to be.
Through out my teen years and well into my late twenties, I was a angry, rebellious and unforgiving woman. My scarred heart and jaded emotions lead me to react with hostility and my words spoken were harsh and untruth at times. I wanted so badly to hurt those who had hurt me and render vengeance the way I saw fit. 
 I allowed others to validate my worth and …