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Slowing it Down

" One day at a time, sweet Jesus... That's all I'm asking of you. Just give me the strength to do every day, What I have to do......."
This old hymn has been playing in my mind for the few days.... Over and over the melody and tune softly playing in my head and singing in my heart. 
Two weeks ago on my way to work I began having symptoms of a heart attack.  Relentless pain.... Radiating to my arm, back and jaw. Cold sweat...... Hard to breathe.  Every classic textbook symptom for a heart attack.... A stress induced heart attack. I have had many UN-expected changes in the last few months.  ~ Sweet Jesus~
From working in the medical field for years, I recognized these symptoms and began to pray that I could make it to my office,  knowing there I could get help.  I made it and emergency medical help was called..... Off to the hospital I go.  Not exactly how I had planned my day..... ~Sheesh~
My diagnosis was not a heart attack...... In fact it had nothing to do with my heart. I had a sponta…

Dying To Self

More of you and less of me Lord.....
How many times in life have I said those words? Wanting and needing to be more like him and less like me...... Refusing to allow my flesh to have its way.
Dying to Self. It's hard..... It's uncomfortable at times..... It's a fight..... It's painful...... When we believe what we are doing is "right" and can not see we are walking according to our flesh and it's emotions. 
I recently watched  Joyce Myer preach a sermon on dying to self and I wanted to share a few things I learned. 
Things that opened my eyes larger to "More of you and less of me".......
(Joyce Myer) * " Anytime you get your way by acting ungodly,you did not win, you lost" ( Pitching a fit, bad attitude and defensive body language)
* " Getting our way is not dying to self" (Selfishness, Jealously, Pride, Self Pity, Greed and Control)
* Complaining about our circumstances is eating death! We lose our joy!!

*The more we die to self the more we d…

Confessing My Sin

James 5:6 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. 

There comes a time in each's life we need to confess an offense...... Our offense.  Maybe it's something that was said..... An action..... A thought..... Or it could be all of the above. 
When our thoughts become our words which in turn become an action.  We can justify our sin by our anger, hurt feelings,protectiveness and fear.  We can claim that because of another's actions we have the right to spew ugliness into that person's life.  We can make ourselves believe that we are in the "right" because of the "wrong" by another.  We shout from the roof tops it is because we love the other person what we speak into their lives is on target. 
Love is not ugly...... Love is not controlling..... It is not an eye for an eye..... It is not cold..... It is truth with compassion and grace.  It is forgiveness.

Not Change, It's Transition

It has been several weeks since my last blog. I have had so many words swirling through my mind...... Many emotions running through my heart.... But every time I sat to write, all I could do was stare at a blank page. I couldn't figure out where to start.... My words seemed to just ramble on and on, without any sense or connection. 
I haven't been able to understand nor grasp all my emotions..... There have been just too many. When I look back over the last few years of my life, I see growth. I see change. But....... I feel like I am on the side lines, standing and  watching so many move forward ;happily I cheer them on.
I ask my daddy God if He would just tell when is it my time? Just like a small child, I tell him I don't understand this process of change.  I sit..... I stand..... I wait.... I wonder.
I hold on to His promises. I cling to His word..... I remind myself daily of all He has told me. "When is it my turn " I ask again. 
"I really want all the pieces to connect now L…