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A Chosen Daughter

The changing of life seasons can be joyous and yet there are some that can be difficult. I have discovered in this season of my life I am having a hard time finding who I am, or finding my place I should say. 

I am a mom ,a title which will never change. However my role has changed since both my girls are grown. No more running after children, homework, sporting events or sleep overs. 

I am a grandmother who is blessed to witness joy in life through the eyes of my grandchildren and a new found love that can not be measured.

I am a sister whose goal growing up was to make my younger siblings lives miserable with my constant grief giving as the eldest. Now we are more than siblings. We are friends with a bond  that can not be undone .

I am a child, no matter my age,  who shares my mom's beautiful strength and my dad's compassionate  heart for the sick. 
I am a friend who cherishes my deep rooted relationships; those filled with loyalty, love and respect.

But when I look in the mi…

When I Am UnCertain

Repost from Shaking' the Foundation April 16th, 2015 Shaking' The Foundation *********************************************************************************

I am not immune to uncertainties in life.  I have my share just as the next person does.  Times when I have no idea what step to take...... What decision is for the best........ When my judgement is clouded by circumstances..... And I feel as though I am drowning in my situation.
The misconception that is viewed upon those in the body of Christ is we never have bad days.... No doubts, uncertainties, fear or feelings of weariness and despair...... When we do have those days, we are to smile and act as though nothing is wrong because that would mean we have no faith.  Or the painted picture of the world is to be a woman or man of faith  we walk through life all sunshine and roses without struggle one.
I have even had some mock me with their words " Where is your Jesus now?" Wrong answer..... 
I have learned the st…

Touching The Hem Of His Garment

It's day 6 of my 21 day fast and I have discovered just how much I have relied on social media for my daily encouragement. It's so easy , one click of my mouse and it's there for me to see.
A short cut of sorts, a quick fix in a world , my world, that is constantly moving and changing.
But when I dig into my daddy Gods word, when I take the time to seek Him, the encouragement is more....So much more.

Today I am encouraged by the woman who suffered with the issue of blood. For 12 years she suffered a life of misery and in her culture was considered  unclean. It was a chronic condition which means she probably had anemia as well as  physical weakness. She was hopelessly incurable by the many doctors she had sought out for medical care. She had become destitute for she spent all that she had. Everything and everyone who she would come in contact with would have become ceremonially unclean making her shunned by all in society including her family. Her husband probably divorce…

Plugging In And Disconnecting

" Prayer is connecting with God; fasting is disconnecting from the world."

My home church in Texas will start their 21 days of prayer and fasting this week. All though I no longer live there, I have chosen to participate. And to be honest I am quit excited to disconnect from the world and have three weeks of me and daddy God time.
There is no doubt of my faith in the power of prayer. It is my first words before I open my eyes and my last before I drift off to sleep. My conversations with my daddy God are many through out my day.
But there is so much more to be gained than from just a few conversations through out my day.

Fasting is to sacrifice a comfort in life; the abstinence of things of our flesh.  For some it may be food or drink. Others whose health can not participate in a fast of food may choose a activity such as television or social media. I have a hard time gaining weight ( it's not the joy others may perceive it to be, When you are 46 years old and still havi…

When I Drift...

I can be notorious for allowing my daily life routine over take me at warp speed; days when all that I need to have done has me running in a million different directions with no time to stop and just breathe. ( Multi tasking at it's worst)

On days when I hit the floor running without first dropping my anchor, daddy God, into the emotional waters of life,  the world will pull me into it's current and have me drifting swiftly into unprotected waters; waters filled with confusion, fear, instability and uncertainty. ( Emotional turmoil of mass destruction)

I know it seems as though I may be the only person in the world to have days such as this and the reality is , I am not.  But what do I do when I am drifting into a current whose sole purpose it to consume and drown me?

I am to step out on the water; to the voice who beckons me to come.

Matthew 14:29
So He said, " Come." And when Peter had come out the boat, he walked on the water to Jesus.

What a wonderful feeling to he…

A Woman's Legacy

It was the day after Christmas and I am torn between retiring to my couch for the day with remote control in hand or begin the process of getting my house back in order. I compromise by getting the front part in order , taking out the last of the unwrapped boxes to the trash, putting on a load of laundry and unloading my dishwasher. I have told myself my bedroom and the rest of my laundry can wait. Procrastination or relaxation? I am claiming relaxation.  
Remote in hand my channel surfing begins in hopes of finding a good movie for my afternoon entertainment; a chick flick of sorts. However finding nothing that grasp my attention, with TV noise in the background, I begin to think on what this past year has brought into my life .how it has changed me and what my legacy as a woman will be in this world. What will I leave behind for my children and grandchildren? 
The norm will be a last will and testament of my material things, however material belongings are not my legacy, they are t…