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I Broke My Bible

Years ago had I seen a bible ripped , torn or in any other condition other than perfect my gasp would have been louder than a bull horn. My religious law attitude had me so tangled up I believed the bible, my bible, God's holy word should be nothing but in pristine appearance. And to see one full of highlighted passages and notes written in the margins,was unthinkable for me.

My thought process sadly was distorted and bound by a religious spirit which could not see past law and embrace relationship. Once I began to learn of the precious relationship Jesus wanted to have with me and that His words are yes indeed holy however they are written with love from a father to his daughter, my lawful spirit began to crumble and my relationship began to grow.

As my thirst for His knowledge  began to increase , my idea of my bible's appearance changed.  I highlighted, made notes in my margins, placed sticky notes out to the sides of certain passages, circled and underlined scripture that…

Her Son.....Our Savior

This is a post I wrote 4 years ago  (4/8/12)  I share it every Easter. I pray it ministers to your hearts. 

As Easter approaches, I have been thinking alot about Jesus' time here on earth. We have all heard of his birth,his teachings,his signs,wonders and miracles. For the most part, we have been taught his life story from those who had the honor of walking daily with him, from those who witnessed every aspect of his life here.

However today I am seeing his life through a mother's eyes.......

Mary's eyes.....

 As a mom myself, I can feel her joy when she looked into the eyes of her precious son. The miracle that she had been chosen to give birth to.

That sweet precious baby boy that sometimes would fall down while playing, the one that cried out to her to pick him up.....

Can you imagine looking into those beautiful eyes knowing what his true purpose was?

As a mom, I can only imagine had I been in her sho…

Let Me See Them Through Your Eyes Lord

As a parent we always see the best in our children no matter their down falls, mistakes and failures in life. We see beyond the mess and see the message. We don't stand on the negative but yet cling to the hope of positive  in the circumstances they face. I look for the testimony in the midst of the test, the character building lesson and the growth of maturity in my girls when they face trials in their lives.
I look for God and watch His loving hand at work.

If I can do that as a parent, why then is it so hard at times for me to see others through the eyes of God. Why is it I have those moments when I forget they too are a child of God and are in need of the same compassion and understanding I give to my girls and others that I love?
It is easy to forget when someone hurts us to our core they too are in need of unconditional love.
We forget those who are hurting often hurt others.............

Just as I look at my children with eyes of love in the most trying times, our daddy God…

Baton Rouge Calling Cape Town

Photo Credit: Tracy Teppler

This beautiful picture is the home of my dear friend, sister in Christ and blogger companion , Tracy Teppler. I met Tracy through blogging four years ago, a relationship  my daddy God blessed me with at the right time. Tracy is a keep it real, do not settle in life, stand tall, warrior through prayer woman of God. And she is my friend.............

The funny thing is, Tracy and I have never met face to face. Tracy lives in South Africa and I in the United States. We text , Facebook and email each other. We pray together, we fast together and we share our most precious cries for our loved ones and it never fails when one of us reaches out to the other with a " Hey how are you?" ........Our timing, God's timing,  is impeccable.
It is then we spill our over whelming emotions, desires, joy, praise reports and prayer request with one another.

  Our daddy God gives us those who he knows will be the support system we need. The ones who without fail wi…

Me And Reba..... The Sitcom

The sitcom Reba is a favorite of mine and my family's. We love to watch the comedy portrayed in every day life circumstances and the message that love covers all, matter what.

I find myself relating to Reba's character. She is a single mom helping her young daughter and family find their place in life  in world full of set backs, judgments and trying times. Though her role and my life have some similarities not all is the same.
My youngest daughter and her family currently live with me as they too are finding their place in life. Although I have no "Barbara Jean"  bursting through my door, my life, for all intense purposes, reflects portions of her world.

It's not easy trying to meet the needs of the ones I love when there are times I can barely  meet my own needs. I do my best and honestly there are times when I feel my best is not good enough. It is within those times I find myself irritated, frustrated, weary , heart broken and a failure. I mean I am …