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Finding Greatness In My Life

Worldly greatness is defined in society by our bank accounts, our job titles, our homes and in many venues our social status.  The world deems the quality of success from who we know to what we do in life.  Everyone wants to feel important at one time or another; to have a sense of accomplishment, a goal met, or a dream birthed into reality, However I am finding as I get older what true greatness has become in  my life.  I believe in growing and bettering ourselves in life. I believe in prosperity and pursuing dreams and goals. But I do not define my greatness in things acquired of this world.  I am finding my greatness in the lives of those I love and those who love me. 
As a woman and a mom watching my oldest daughter accomplish her dreams with determination and dedication with the knowledge she will go farther in life than I ever have or imagined.... That is a greatness.  To be able to see my youngest daughter become a mom at a early age, never giving up and striving to make a bet…

To OverCome

Early this week I was lead to read Psalm 18.  I read and reread, highlighted certain verses and prayed for my eyes to be open as to what my daddy God wanted me to see.  Today  verse 17 popped out like neon blinking arrow sign.
Psalm 18:17 He delivered me from my strong enemy. 
" Ok Lord", I tell him, " What is my current enemy?"  I know  we all have one enemy who prowls like a roaring lion to destroy us all, however it's his little daily snares that sneak in ever so quietly that I tend to to miss on occasion.
Today my "strong" enemy is revealed. The one who has been assigned to take me down emotionally.   "Rejection." I began to read the verse again and this time instead of the word "enemy" I replace it with "rejection."  " He delivered me from my strong rejection."
I have battled with rejection my entire life it seems, but then again who hasn't? We all have been rejected in some form or another.   It is a pai…

It's Your Journey

Journey ; An act of traveling from one place to another.
In the physical aspect  a journey can come in the form of a new job, a new home, making a trip to the local grocery store, or a much needed vacation.  It can even be as simple as walking to the mail box. 
A journey can also be taken to reach an emotional destination.  A place of healing, forgiveness, a place of trust and wholeness.  A place of elated happiness and an abundance of pure joy.   But what happens when it seems like it is taking forever to complete a specific journey? 
 Many times in my own life I have had others speak into my journey.  They meant well, however they would unknowingly put a time frame on it; expressing their views when they believed I should have reached my emotional destination.  I had to learn to not allow others to define my time frame in re finding myself, after all it's not their journey, but to heed good advice and apply when needed.  And then there were those times I, myself,  put a time fr…

Packing Up Anger

Making a decision that will effect the course of life is not always easy. It can be scary filled with uncertainties, plenty of "what ifs " and the dreaded anxiety of change.    
There was a time I had made a decision I believed to be good.  After several months of much consideration and many conversations I finally made the huge leap that I was moving in the right direction. The pros at that point outweighed the cons or so I thought. Everything was falling into place with ease and I had no misconceptions or second thoughts. I saw the good and was walking from a place of trust. Sadly it was misplaced trust........
When it all came crashing in on me. I can honestly say I did not see my newly foundation start to crack and crumble. I did not see the writing on the wall. I never saw the failure of my choice getting ready to explode in my face. But explode it did.( Maybe I wasn't willing to see it and probably chose to ignore the red flags.)
Once it did I went into survivor m…

In The Midst Of Life There Are Blessings

Life can be wonderfully messy, overwhelmingly challenging and unpredictably joyous.  It can knock the breath out of us when we least expect it and it can raise us up to the highest of highs.  After all that is life right?  A life long journey of valleys and mountain tops. 
It is easy to be thankful and see our blessings when life is all peachy;When the sun is continuously shining and joy is blissfully raining in abundance.  It is when the crazy messiness , the over whelming stress , the unpredictability of  what is looming on the horizon and fear of the unknown that can leave a person blinded to see past the trials and tribulations and recognize the blessing in the midst. 
There is always blessings in the breaking, we just have to be willing to see them . Many times in my life my blessings have been disguised by my trials, however my daddy God has never proven to fail me, for in the end of my trial I saw my blessing.

James 1:2-5
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various …