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Different Road.....Same Pain

The definition of pain :physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury Injury can be physical and emotional. We all walk roads of pain at one time or another. Whether it's our own road or one we are walking for someone we love and care for. Each one is a different based on the circumstances and situations they are going through. Some are self inflicted by their own choices... And some are not. There are roads of pain that come to be simply because someone we love is going through hell and back and we have chosen to walk it out with them. We do so because we love them..... We do so because we have conquered our own road of pain and know how to prevail. I choose do so because of the unconditional love of my daddy God has given me my entire life, never leaving nor forsaking me.  It is unconditional love is what will bring those I love through the pain, out of the shame and into a new season of peace..... His peace. Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and p…

Trust In All Things.....Lesson Learned

Trust is such a powerful word. In reality it is a powerful emotion. An emotion that can give joy or pain. I have been told my entire life that I trust people way too easy. I believe it's because I do my very best to look for the good in people. I purpose to see others as my daddy God sees them. I don't look to their faults and downfalls in life, for I ,myself, have fallen many times in life. ( many, many times) I see past who they are at that very moment and I see who they are becoming. I see their heart............ My trust issues I have discovered come from a place within myself , a place I thought I had long ago removed...... Thankfully my daddy God continues to mold me, shape me and teach me. In the simplicity of my own little mind, I believed when I prayed and turned a situation over to  my daddy God, I had left it there for him to work on. Sadly that has not been the case. By allowing myself to get wrapped up in my own emotions, believing I could fix things faster,  I had gone …

Don't Run.....Stand

" He will never be content until he makes me what he is determined I ought to be" - Hinds Feet on High Places

When I read that sentence, it stopped me in my tracks.....
I read it and reread it several times. 
For a large part of my life I was an emotional runner.
I ran from any pain that came into my world, any rejection and any brokenness.
I actual thought if I ran (not deal with it) it would all go away.
I  allowed it all to build up inside of me like a huge stone wall. 
In doing so I had no room for peace, love and true happiness. 

No matter how far or long we run from our giants in life ( rejection, pain, brokenness, anger ) God will continue to chase us until we are so uncomfortable in our own skin that we stop running and surrender it all to him.

I became so uncomfortable in my own skin, I got to the point surrendering it all to him was all I wanted to do. 
I no longer wanted to live behind my emotional stone wall. 
I did not want to be jaded. 
I wante…