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Moving Mountains

Have you ever had a time when life is going as perfect as perfect can be? You are walking your path with some pep in your step..... Excited with how things are evolving in life.... Happy as happy can be.... And then out of no where a mountain shows up dead center in your path.  A mountain  so huge, you feel as though you will never climb over it; one that seems  indestructible never to be moved.  A mountain that has blocked your path and distorted your vision. 
I have many times in my life and honestly I am not fond of them at all.

When facing a mountain my initial response has not always been words of faith. I reacted from fleshy emotions and not my spiritual armor.  
"Please say it isn't so."   I cried out.  "Why?"  I ask. "Are you serious God?"
" Please tell me you are joking?!?" I was shocked and overwhelmed with emotions.  I was tired and scared. 
Angry, frustrated, disappointed and hurt.  I honestly had no clue how to conquer this particular mountain.