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The Girls Of STA

*Photo Credit -Seth Doyle*

What is seen through our individual lens may at times look different but yet are the same.  We are each a mom and a grandmother; a sister, a daughter and a friend; one is a wife and two are single. We are women who walk and have walked paths that are identical and some that parallel one another. Then there are the roads we have traveled that could not be more opposite if we tried. However the one common ground, the one perfect picture in each of our lens, the solid foundation of our lives, is Jesus.

There was a time when we three lived, raised our children and worshipped together from our little homes on the prairie. And even though we are now stretched from Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, our geographic location has not become a factor in our bond.  Our personal lenses have expanded and our boulevards have changed directions, but our connection has been made stronger.
We are there to encourage, laugh, share our personal moments; the ones only we women can share. We hold each other up when our tears are many and hug it out when our joy cannot be contained. We are keep it real; we keep it honest. And our time ,when together, Sonic runs are a must for happy hour; because a cherry lime-aid makes everything better. Nor do we forget our great love for Mexican food, as chips and salsa is the perfect go to snack for many a girl talk.

We do not judge, but instead love. We speak life to one another when the world speaks death. We rebuke and declare. We praise and we worship. We battle and stand strong. We are fierce. We are one in Christ. We are intercessors and we are warriors.  We are each others counselors. We are one another shoulders. Our hearts are joined as sisters. And have kindred spirits that can not be broken.

We are "The Girls of STA" ...... Standing Together Always.

These women, Caren and Laura, are not only two of my most precious friends, they are my counselors in abundance. We have seen each other experience many life changes; some good, some heart breaking. But GOD!  He has given us the gift of friendship for a lifetime and when our words fail He is there to speak through us and over us.  Who knew 18 years ago when this Cajun girl moved to East Texas our daddy God had already orchestrated the highway for me to find them?
And though my route was structured after 12 years to come back home to Louisiana, my lens of life shows they are always standing with and for me; just as I am for them.

So here's to us girls and most importantly our daddy God for all He has created us to be. And to our desire to be all He has called us to be!!

We are His....
We are fierce.....
 And we are " The Girls of STA" forever!!

Forever His Daughter,

"Where there are no counsel the people fall; But in the abundance of counselors there is safety."
Proverbs 11:14


  1. My tears run freely down my face as I read that. It's a true gift from God himself to have you and laura as my friends. I am able to bare my soul with out fear of judgement. These friendships are forged in heaven and manifested here on earth. They are rare treasures and I am blessed
    STA forever


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