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Getting My Hinds Feet

Several months ago I received a word from my daddy God telling me He was giving me hinds feet!
I became so excited and thrilled not realizing what I was to go through to receive these promised hinds feet.

In my mind, I saw it happening all at once....
No more would I struggle to get to the places I was called to go....
I would go leaping and bounding across all the boulders in my path....
There would no longer be traps and snares in my path....
I was climbing my mountain with my new hinds feet!!!

But wait.......
I now face more trials.....
Heavier loads.....
More stress.....
More obstacles.....
Loneliness that is unexplainable.....
I look down and I do not see "hinds feet".
I see crippled, hurting feet.

I do not understand....
I can't comprehend this journey....
I was promised hinds feet and I now appear to be stumbling my way over these now larger boulders in my path.
I want my promised "hinds feet".......

Our daddy God works in ways we can not understand.....
We can only see the here and now but He can see it all!!
I was blessed with a book recommendation several months ago and just recently uploaded it on my nook.
( Thank you Laura )

"Hinds Feet on Higher Places" written by Hannah Hurnard

" Much Afraid had been in the service of the Chief Shepherd, whose flocks pastured down in the Valley of Humiliation She lived with her friends and fellow workers Mercy and Peace in a tranquil little white cottage in the village of Much-Trembling. She loved her work and desired intensely to please the Chief Shepherd, but happy as she was in most ways, she was conscious of several things which hindered her in her work and caused her secret distress and shame. Here is the allegorical tale of Much-Afraid, an every-woman,searching for guidance from God to lead her to a higher place."  ( Description from  book jacket)

(Click Here for a sneak peek)

I am now reading this book for the second time.
My understanding is greater.....
My questions are being answered one word at a time.....
And with each place I am led to walk through, my feet are transforming. ......
Through the valley.....
Through the desert.....
The shoreline of the sea of loneliness......
Back around to the foot of the mountain.....

My trust in the Chief Shepherd is expanding....
The love in my heart is broader......
My faith is stronger.....

I am learning, growing and watching my feet become "Hinds Feet".....

I am climbing to the High Places.........
Just as my daddy God promised!!!

Psalm 18:33

King James Version (KJV)
33 He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places.



  1. Hi Stacy, found your blog via Michell's Doing You Well Wednesday link up. When I think of hinds feet, rugged places comes to mind. May your steps continue to be secure in Him. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Wanda! I too think of rugged places, but praise the Lord he is our companion!! :)
      Blesings to you!!! :)

  2. Love your post! One thing I know, for sure: When God gives you your heart's desire, you had better get ready to work, work, work. The blessing given to you must me passed on to others. You can't keep your "hinds feet" to yourself and you may want God to take them back, as they are more trouble than joy. But, there is territory to be covered! Blessings to you! ~Cynthia

    1. Thnak yo Cynthia!! We must all go through a growing process to receive our hinds feet, but we are all more the better to make this journey!!

      Blessings to you!!

  3. These words are beautiful, and your writing is just brilliant. Your an inspiration to me!

    1. Thank you sweet girl, as you are to me!!

      Blessings to you!!!

  4. These words are so wonderful to me. Because this is the day that our Lord has made, I will use my hinds feet to leap over every obstacle and go forth abounding in HIS grace. Blessings!

    1. Amen!!!! Keep leaping my friend, Keep leaping!!!


  5. Thank you for sharing your journey with God as you learn to leap and place your feet firmly on the higher mountains. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

    1. Thank you for hosting!!!
      Many blessings to you!!

  6. My husband introduced me to this book many years ago...his mom read it to him every night. It is powerful. I gave it to my mom... it was that book that led her to healing on her very difficult journey. Beautiful post!! Visiting from Doing You Well link up. SO glad I did! :)

    1. I am so happy you stopped in!! Thank you for your sweet words. I love this book and it has opened my eyes to many new understandings!!!

      Blessings to you!! :)

  7. I love this book - I, too, am so eager for my hinds' feet ... and get so discouraged when I forget that it's my trials that will form them. Learning to trust, little by little, His Goodness, even when I can't see the "why". Thanks for this reminder!

    1. You are so welcome!!! I have found I am in need of reminders daily. It is through our trials we form our hinds feet :))
      So glad you stopped by :))
      Blessings to you!!!


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