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His Binding Love Letter

Photo Credit: Joanna Kosihska

Here it is post Valentine's Day and though I am not a huge fan of this particular holiday, I do find a tender sweetness of it's meaning.

Sometimes being single has it's downfalls and holidays are a reminder that I am indeed single. Most of the time I am quite content where I am in my journey of singleness and then there are those times in between when I wonder if I will ever share my life again with a man. I do not ponder on that thought quite often as I know my daddy God has a plan and the right man for me.  This year Valentine's day was odd for me. I was not in a place of sadness nor did I feel sorry for myself. It was not a pity party holiday for me but yet I found myself wanting to hear I am loved. And I believe my daddy God wanted to show me as well. So yesterday as I read many beautiful post from what seemed like tons of flower pictures, and candy filled "I love yous", I secretly asked myself what is my love letter in life? I felt a nudge in my heart to pull out my bible and find out what my daddy God had written to me; the sweet nothings He has purposely spoke into my life.

 Though my love letter was not a store bought card , there is was in bold lettering typed in the pages of my daddy God's written word. One could say the entire bible is His love letter to us all and I would agree whole-heartedly. However on this day He gave me a few beautiful, profound and heart stopping verses for my Valentine's gift; His binding love letter.

Psalm 139:1.... He knows me, my every part of me.
Psalm 56:8.... He collects my tears.
Psalm 91:14-15.... He delivers me and sets me on high because I love him.
Jeremiah 31:34.... He makes himself known to me and forgives me.
Hosea 11:18.... He has sympathy towards me.
Hosea 14:4-5.... He heals me, loves me unconditionally and has no anger towards me.
Isaiah 49:15.... He never forgets me.

And my heart melted.................

Singleness is not a taboo in my life. It is not a life time sentence, it is however a validation that I know my worth and in spite of  moments of loneliness I may have, I know who I belong to and His love is a love that can never be removed nor replaced. Nor am I ever truly alone.
And neither are you.

So today if you feel a lack of love in your life, I encourage you to open the pages of the best love letter of all, the written words of our daddy God. His love just oozes off the beautiful typed fill pages.

His binding love letters..........

Forever His Daughter,




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