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D- Determination

 I went and saw the movie War Room.
It was amazing. If you get a chance to see it, I suggest you do.
Once again I was reminded of the power of prayer, the blessings in grace and the peace in forgiveness.
To witness each character's  own turmoil as they struggled through the issues at hand  was more than inspiring.
It was hope on a whole new level.
It showed me that God's grace is truly a gift , one he extends without reserve.
It showed me the times spent on my knees in prayer are not in vain, for they are my battle weapons. I may not see the outcome instantly, but there is always a victory in the making.
It gave me a new insight on how forgiveness heals and instills peace.

Daddy God will speak to us in many different ways.
Yesterday He spoke to my heart as I sat munching on my popcorn and having girl time with a precious friend.
And speak He did.

" I know your heart daughter and I know your needs. Trust in me for you and those you love. I am doing a work in you and them. Hear my voice and stay true to me; Watch as I raise the hurting to a place of healing. See me restore to those that in which has been lost. My sword is unsheathed and just because you can't see it has no bearing on what , I, your daddy God am doing. I am breaking the chains of bondage, I am restoring the lost and hurting. I am healing the sick and prospering the poor. Do not lay down now my daughter, do not give up. The shift you are feeling is me. I am bringing a glory like none other. 
For the battles are mine, and victory is coming. saith God"

I went home full of hope and His joy.  I got busy and made my own "war room"
( It's my closet and I know I will have to eventually explain to my daughter why her mom is sitting on the floor in her closet with the door closed and all the paper prayers that I have taped to the wall.  That will be a conversation piece worth sharing right? )

I wanted a quiet place for me and my daddy God; a place to hear his voice and allow Him to love on me.
We all need to be loved on and reassured that the battles we face, we do not face them alone.

When we are determined to allow God to focus on our struggles and we focus on him, the battles do not over take us.
Our battles come in different forms. They can be physical, emotional, financial and even spiritual. 
 However, He gives us the strength to accomplish all that is set before us.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.  

I am determined to lay my battles at his feet.
I am determined to trust in Him.
I am determined to surrender all that I love over to His care.
 I am determined to continue the good fight of faith through prayer.
I am determined to be all He has called me to be.
I am determined to be victorious.

I want to encourage you, no matter the battles you may be facing take them to your own war room. ( It can be your closet, your car or under a tree. Where ever you choose is ok, it's your war room. )
Surrender them all over to our daddy God.
Allow the peace that surpasses all understanding to be your guide.
Give over to Godly joy with the knowledge He has you in the palm of his hand.
Determine in your heart that you will be victorious!!
Believe in the power of prayer.
 You can do ALL things through Christ!!

D-Determination ~



  1. Stacey, you have inspired me to go empty out one of my! Seriously though, the power of prayer is awesome and I am so looking forward to that movie coming our way. I love your Determine statements, they are strong. I too will be determined to be victorious in Jesus name. Thank you for the encourager and prayer warriour you always are.
    God bless


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