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Expect A Harvest Of Great In 2017


Over the last several years, the Lord has given me one word for the New Year. I keep each word tucked away as a reminder of each season I walk. This year I have waited for my word; the word from Him that will send me into the New Year with a new found hope and assurance. Up until 5 minutes ago, I had no word. As my fingers began to flow over my keyboard with the belief I had been given a scripture instead, my word, His word for me, rings in my spirit. "EXPECT" , He tells me.
Expect your hearts desires.....
Expect my will to be done.....
Expect the road your are walking will bring you to the place I have set aside for you.
This beautiful word now falls into place with the last two words given to me.  2015 I was to "believe His words over my life, 2016 came and I was instructed to "declare" His promises over me. 2017 I am to now "expect" all that has been told spoken to manifest in its fullness. Not only has He given me a word, but a scripture as well. I am unable to contain the joy spilling over from my heart.
Psalm 65:11
"You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance."
I am in awe of these words. They bounce off the pages of my bible with brilliance.
After further reading I see it is a psalm which was sung at the harvest festival at the end of the agricultural year.  My spirit is now dancing to the tune "reap your harvest". While my inner being continues its foot tapping, finger snapping, hallelujah jig, my eyes become fixated on the number 7 in the year 2017. The number 7 means complete. And then I have a light bulb moment.  Reaping a harvest is the completion of planting seeds.
Ohhhh my!! My mind is now in overdrive as I silently take a little inventory of seeds planted over the last several years and become ecstatically jubilant. I seriously can't handle my ginormous glee at this moment.  
I believe my harvest will be seeds others have planted in my life.
Seeds I have planted in the lives of those I know will be gathered
And even the ones who we merely crossed paths for a brief moment in time, will be bundled in His goodness.  
This new year,  I expect His promises to be fulfilled.
I expect a completion of sorts in different areas of my life.
I expect my hearts desire to blossom and expand.
I expect this new road I am traveling will bring me to the wondrous place my daddy God has set aside for me.  It's harvest time!!
I want to encourage you all to expect great things this new year. Stay the course and keep your eyes on our daddy God. You too will reap a harvest!!
Expect a harvest of great in 2017~
His Daughter,


  1. I love this! In the past, it has been hard for me to believe that God had good things for me. I totally understand how it feels to have scripture leap out of the Bible at you. Our God is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your word for the year. It's encouraging to me, too!


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