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A Woman's Legacy

It was the day after Christmas and I am torn between retiring to my couch for the day with remote control in hand or begin the process of getting my house back in order. I compromise by getting the front part in order , taking out the last of the unwrapped boxes to the trash, putting on a load of laundry and unloading my dishwasher. I have told myself my bedroom and the rest of my laundry can wait. Procrastination or relaxation? I am claiming relaxation.  

Remote in hand my channel surfing begins in hopes of finding a good movie for my afternoon entertainment; a chick flick of sorts. However finding nothing that grasp my attention, with TV noise in the background, I begin to think on what this past year has brought into my life .how it has changed me and what my legacy as a woman will be in this world. What will I leave behind for my children and grandchildren? 

The norm will be a last will and testament of my material things, however material belongings are not my legacy, they are things I have acquired through my life, a keep sake of sorts to pass down to my loved ones.  So what is my legacy? I began to study different women in the bible to get a better understanding of their legacies. 

 Esther's Legacy
 Sacrificing for others who need you is a noble thing. 
 Stand up for that which is right even when you face difficult circumstances. 
 Do what’s right by other people and you will be rewarded.
 Sometimes we are placed in a position for a reason and we should fulfill that purpose. 
God can take a person from humble beginnings and make them GREAT!

Rahab's Legacy 
Matthew 1:5 She is in the lineage of Christ What an honor! She is the great-great grandmother of David. She was the mother of Boaz.  Salmon + Rahab \ Boaz + Ruth \ Obed \ Jesse \ David (the line of our Savior, Jesus Christ)
 Hebrews 11:31: She is in the “hall of faith” She is noted here for her act of faith through hospitality which kept her from perishing with the disobedient and idolatrous residents of Jericho. She is one of only two women with this honor; Sarah is the other. 
James 2:25: She is considered righteous because of her deeds. She is chosen for an example of faith with deeds, in making the point that we can have faith, but our deeds show that faith to be genuine. 

Abigail's Legacy
She was a woman of strength ,courage,intelligence, integrity and wisdom. Her story reveals a woman leader in a subordinate role; she understands her place and acts with decisiveness and integrity. 
She was prepared to move into action when the need arose. 
She was smart....
She was resourceful....
She was trustworthy.....
And she wasn't a quitter. 

Ruth's Legacy
She was loyal. 
She walked in the pathway of duty instead of pleasures of the world. 
She trusted in the Lord for provision.
She was a virtuous woman. 
She was committed to her mother-in-law after the death of her husband. 

After reading about each one, I began to ask where in my own life have I exemplified any of these characteristics as well as when have I fallen short. I want to leave a legacy of strength, courage and wisdom. It will not matter what my bank account holds or lacks when I am gone, my greatest worth I can leave to my children and their children will be the love I have for God and my walk with him in all areas of life.
 I want it to contain the Godly strength I gain through every struggle....
Trust in God through every battle..........
 Hope in God that is intertwined through any despair I may face....
A mantle of wisdom, respect, righteousness and integrity.....
And for my love to always without fail have been shown unconditionally.

Proverbs 14:1
The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down. 

I pray my legacy as a woman to be more of Christ and less of me.

A Woman's Legacy~




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