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Shhhhhhh....It's Quiet Time

I was blessed with the "gift of gab". My mom says I started speaking at a very early age and have never stopped. I could talk to a brick wall regardless if it answers me back or not....literally, I kid you not. The times I do get quiet I find it amusing when others question me as to what is wrong. Silence is not one of my better qualities.
 But I am finding  the older I get the more I enjoy my quiet time.( For those who know me, you may continue with your laughter.)

Several years ago when my daddy God led me to start blogging, He told me there will be those He wanted to reach through my life stories.  My gift of gab became a gift  of written words for many all over the world to read and realize they are not alone in the struggles of life. Blogging became a ministry of my heart; a platform of God for all to see  His victories in  my downfalls.  A place of transparency, honesty and a unconditional love filled with encouragement, grace and mercy.

 Not only do I have the gift of gab, family and friends now see me as a post-a-holic. Recently I had a precious friend  tell me they thought they were going to have to have a social media intervention for me. I smile and laugh because on the outside I can see what they see, but on the inside I am hearing my daddy God's voice. " Tell them" , He says.. I don't know who it is my written words are speaking to that particular day, but God does.  And I obey. For three years I have shared my trials, my joys, my fears, my victories and most importantly, I share God's word in them all.
And when a prayer request comes my way, my attention is not diverted from the need of those who have trusted me with their hearts cry.
Jesus talks about using our talents ( natural abilities)  we are blessed with in the book of Matthew. ( Matt 25:14-30)
The lesson of the parable instructions us we must use our talents and abilities in God's service and how God will see us if we choose not to use them.
I strive do my best and let God do the rest.

However, lately I haven't felt the flow of words stream from my heart in a graceful way. They appeared to be forced and unconnected even to the point of my questioning my daddy God on His plans for me. Maybe because my stress level had reached a breaking point or I felt as though my world around me has been closing in?  I suddenly felt lost in my calling and unsure of my next steps.
I have prayed...
I have cried.....
I have pleaded with my daddy God to show me once again who I am in Him......
And then I hear.....
" Shhhhhhh, it's quiet time. You are where I want you, I am doing a new thing within."

Lamentations 3:25-26
The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, 
To the soul who seeks Him. 
It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. 

There are times when God speaks to our hearts and it's not to be shared. It's a personal conversation between the Father and his child.
A time of healing and restoring......
A time when spiritual tanks are refueled.....
A time of correction........
And  new things from within He creates.

I am no longer concerned with the words I write or lack of; although to me their flow may seem disconnected right now there are others whose hearts receive them in the way my daddy God intends them to.
I will treasure this season where my heart sits in hope and wait quietly on the Lord.

Shhhhhh....It's Quiet Time~



  1. Oh Stacey... you are right in all of this.
    I too was born " talking" my Mum said...the gift of the gab... but my sons have it 2,000 times more than me even so I am waiting for their gifts to become ALL for Jesus as yours is.
    Like you, I often hear God and encourage someone with what I hear...and again there are times when God says Stop Talking and LISTEN,

    If you are in listening mode that excites me cos I know that what will flow from this time will be a HUGE blessing to your readers, as everything you post is, actually!
    But I do believe we are entering a new season and waiting on the Lord until; He tells us to speak will be vital.

    Merry Christmas and grateful thanks for many many encouraging posts this year, and all God's BEST for 2016.

    Love from Mary in New Zealand.

    1. Thank you Mary and Merry Christmas to you and yours!! 2016 is our year to DECLARE ( make known) Gods promises to us all!!
      Much Love to you!


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