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My Lions' Den Of Emotions

I always try to do my best to write from a place of encouragement; a place of my own struggles and His victory over my life. In the smallest of life's daily mundane trials, on my biggest 'blah" moments and even when the state of my heart is not where it needs to be, I want to encourage.

The last few months is seems I  have been trying to encourage myself a little more than the norm?
Reminding myself to push to keep going, to not give up, to stand and not lay down.
The struggle has been real on all accounts with my emotions all over the place. My internal mood swings have caused me to give myself emotional whiplash.
I feel like I have been thrown into a lions den of emotions.

Through much prayer and seeking my daddy God for direction I am brought to the book of Daniel. Now I realize my circumstances are different from those of Daniel when he was thrown into the lions den. I have not been falsely accused of wrong doing, nor breaking any law declared by a king and sentenced to death by the lions den.
However because of a choice I made many months ago, a choice made from a place of love, trust and loyalty,  the voices of the world has thrown me to a lions den of its own; a den  roaring with conviction, dripping with guilt and attacking with condemnation.
The " I told you so's" are far from forgiving in the least.

I ask, " God, how does Daniel's situation compare to my own?

" Just as I delivered Daniel from the lions den, I will deliver you from yours" ," I will close the mouth from the lion of the world,( anger, guilt, confusion. doubt and fear) Your ears,heart and soul will hear only my words of pure love, joy, peace and encouragement."

 In my mind I hear my own thoughts screaming, " Lord, please do it now!!!"
And my heart whispers, "Trust the process and walk one step at a time."
One step at a time has never been my strongest suit.
( Those who know me will tell say that is a true statement)
 One can only imagine my impatience and pleading for a quick deliverance, however I heed to the voice spoken to my heart and begin walking one step at a time.

For victory to have its place I must do my part.
I can not allow this lions den of emotions to consume me.
I will not surrender to the noise of its roar to and silence the voice of my daddy God.
I choose to stand fearless and boldly in their midst as my daddy God shuts their mouth.
 I am walking out unscathed just as Daniel did.

1 Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant; because you adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

I encourage you if you too are standing in a lions den of emotions, it's OK to acknowledge these emotions but do not let them devour you.
 Regardless of what your lions den looks or even sounds like; stand up, fight with the promises of our daddy God and be prepared for a sweet victory glowing with Gods glory!


Daniel 6:22,
"My God sent His angels and shut the lions' mouths, so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent before Him; and also O king, I have done no wrong before you. "


  1. Hi Stacey, you have described to a T what I have been going through in my own den of lions. And its that standing in faith, drowning out the roars with praise and worship, with steadfastness in belief, that leads us unharmed, out of that den. I'm getting there and your words have encouraged me greatly.
    God bless my sweet friend

    1. It seems we are always on the same page in life to encourage one another!! Sending you much love my friend as we PRAISE our way through our emotions!! God bless you sugar!!


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