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Love Covers A Multitude

Imagine from
"Lord I want to love as you do."    Just shy of thirty years ago ,sitting on the back pew alone in church, I whispered those words to my daddy God. I had been watching the doors open as others came in for Sunday night service and through my people watching silence, I began to notice the slumped shoulders as though the world was sitting on top of them, the slow moving steps unsure were to sit or if they should even stay, the plastic smiles hiding the hurt buried deep within, and the lonely eyes that scanned the sanctuary in hopes someone would welcome them in.  I looked down, in the hopes no one noticed my eyes gazing through out the church, at my shaking clasped hands and realized I am no different.  I, too felt the world on my shoulders that night, my feet were uncertain where to go thus I made the choice to sit on the very last pew, my plastic smile was hiding much brokenness, and my eyes painted a deep pool of lonel…