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Trust In All Things.....Lesson Learned

Trust is such a powerful word.
In reality it is a powerful emotion.
An emotion that can give joy or pain.
I have been told my entire life that I trust people way too easy.
I believe it's because I do my very best to look for the good in people. I purpose to see others as my daddy God sees them. I don't look to their faults and downfalls in life, for I ,myself, have fallen many times in life.
( many, many times)
I see past who they are at that very moment and I see who they are becoming.
I see their heart............
My trust issues I have discovered come from a place within myself , a place I thought I had long ago removed......
Thankfully my daddy God continues to mold me, shape me and teach me.
In the simplicity of my own little mind, I believed when I prayed and turned a situation over to  my daddy God, I had left it there for him to work on.
Sadly that has not been the case.
By allowing myself to get wrapped up in my own emotions, believing I could fix things faster,
 I had gone and picked back up the very same thing I gave to him.
The very person and persons I have laid at the feet of Jesus.......
Last night the Lord spoke to me.
"TRUST ME", He said!!!
"Believe what I have told you and don't pick it back up from me." I heard his voice so clear.
That hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought I had done that.
Apparently not...........
My intentions came from a place of love........
A place of wanting healing, happiness and joy for those I love.
But every time I take  it back, I hinder the process of my daddy God. 
I get in the way of his plan......
His deliverance............
His restoration............
His healing..............
And most importantly I get in the way of Him shining His love into their lives His way.
Standing for those I love and taking the situation back are not the same.
Standing is praying, showing unconditional love, and most importantly listening and heeding to the voice of God as to what role I am to be in their life at that moment.
I am to TRUST him for their every need.
Just as a child places his or her trust  as they jump into the arms of their daddy.....
I am to trust my daddy God in every area.
He knows my heart......
He knows the enormous amount of love I carry...
He knows the pain I feel for those I love......
He also knows that this daughter of his at times gets impatient and tries to speed up the process......
His process.
I am forever thankful my daddy God loves me and you so much that he continues to teach us!!!
I am laying it down at his feet and this time I will leave it there for his work to be done.
For His ways are better than mine!!!
Isaiah 55:8-9
                                                                 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
                                                    neither are your ways my ways,”
                                                                declares the Lord.
                                              “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
                                                 so are my ways higher than your ways
                                                     and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Trusting Him in ALL things.....
Proverbs 3:5
                                                               Trust in the Lord with all your heart
                                          and lean not on your own understanding;



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