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Fresh Bread

Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Give us this day our daily bread.......
 The smell of fresh baked bread never fails to have my mouth watering and my nose on high alert, not to mention the warm savory taste each bite brings with melted butter dripping over and drizzling down my finger tips. To say I love fresh bread is an understatement at the very least. Bread that gives me nourishment is not to be wasted, and neither is the spiritual bread my daddy God has for me.

The last week or so, when my alarm starts ringing and before my eyes are open, I ask the Lord to give my daily bread. A fresh word, a warm aroma, and a sweet taste of his bread (word) to begin my day. Now I must be honest and say I am far from a morning person. I am not the "jump out of bed, feet hit the floor running, birds chirping" kinda girl. I am a " hit the snooze button 5 more times, slowly sit up , and pry my eyes open with a crow bar" kinda girl.  And thankfully my daddy God knows this, after all He created me yes?  I use that time to wait to hear His voice, to give Him time to speak to me and on those mornings I snooze just a tad longer than I should causing me to jump up at warp speed, I still ask for my daily bread.

Fresh bread comes in a many different varieties.
French bread....
Garlic Bread.....
Pita Bread....
And the list goes on.
But each one, when fresh ,brings a savoring taste to the millions of taste buds with each bite.

My daily bread (word) can come in different facets as well but always without fail leaves me hungry for more. I may receive it while brushing my teeth, fixing my coffee or putting on my shoes. I have had mornings where I did not receive my morning morsel until I was sitting at my desk after getting to work. And then on occasion my bread comes in the form of an encouraging word from a friend who's prayer time included a nudge from the Holy Spirit to lift me up and speak into my life.

Regardless of  how it's delivered to me, I continue to ask, "give me this day my daily bread". (Matthew 6:9)

Fresh Bread.

Forever His Daughter,




  1. So true Stacey, we can get our daily bread in different forms. What a great reminder!

  2. WOW, yes, our Father knows how to deliver our daily bread. "...after all He created me yes?" We just need the relationship with Him and He will speak to us daily. Thank you for this!

  3. I love this imagery. Getting up slowly - because that's who you are. Of God feeding it when he's ready, when you are ready. Thanks for this prompt! AprilCB @

  4. Hi Stacey, great post and reminder that we should seek nourishment from Him first! God bless my friend


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