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My Lessons Through Fasting

I joined my home church  in Texas for a 21 day fast and all though I did not fast food, I did however fast social media. Where technology can be a great tool in spreading the word and love of God, in the grand scheme of things I have learned it can also be an addicting crutch. Fasting has shown me what my priorities have become and through His grace I see where much correction is needed.

 With one click of a button scrolling online for scripture and daily encouragement  became easier than time spent opening my bible and seeking God through His written word.  The ease of keeping up with family and friends through social media has taken over phone conversations and face to face visits.

 I am guilty in justifying my time spent catching up through social media has more flexibility in my daily life, however it has become less personable. Time is a commodity, once gone, that can never be regain. It is is not a negative source as I have many loved ones spread all over the country and even those over seas in which social media has become a great tool for staying in contact. The spiritual encouragement that is posted for the masses to share and receive is extraordinary. With one simply touch of the computer it will travel world wide for millions to see.
 But in one word I can sum up my lack.........


So what exactly have I learned in this time of fasting??

* My snippets of encouragement are blessings however not to be my key source.
( God is my source in all areas of life. It is digging into his word I will find my direction, correction, guidance and growth)

* My time spent online has been more than time spent with my daddy God on a personal level.
( Time management is a must.)

* I do so from shear boredom.
( Idle hands should not always "click" but instead turn the pages of wisdom)

* I do so in times of loneliness.
( I have no problem being alone, it's the loneliness that tends to grab my heart from time to time.)

* To hear His voice clearly I need to allow myself emotional quiet time instead of scrolling through the newest notifications.
( Be still)

* I can not bear good fruit, if I am not abiding in him completely.
(There are some things that need removing and others that need pruning in my life.)

*Even though I pray for situations and circumstances in my life, there are particular things I have never really asked God what His will was for me in the area. I assumed on my own accord.
(Ouch! Forgive me Lord)

* To really get to know God on a deeper level, it is imperative I spend quality time with Him. Not just fleeting moments in the midst of a busy day.
 (It takes two to have a strong relationship. I am so thankful He waits for me; never giving up on this daughter of His.)

* I can not be everything to everyone. I must allow God to be God. 
( There are times when my answer must be "no" regardless of any back lash I may receive from others. There are situations  when my help or presence is truly hindering God's plans.)

I will admit it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be nor was it very easy. I had many a moments when I automatically went to click on one of my social media sites out of  habit. A daily routine where modern technology has made social media  our prime source of communication.
An act of boredom mixed with the interest of what's going on in everyone's world. A place to hide  behind when my days are not so good and a place to make known the great in my life.

In these 21 days God has spoken to my heart and made known His desire for me to reach for Him first for encouragement before the click of my computer.

2016 will be a year of balance for me. A year of rediscovery and new. A year, even though I may stumble, will be a testimony of  my daddy God's undying grace as I strive to be more of Him and less of me.
A year where wisdom prevails and self dies.

Proverbs 4:13
Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her( wisdom) for she is your life.

My Lessons Through Fasting......



  1. Amen! That's what I felt too, it's about balance! And I agree with you, we need to reach for the bible before we reach for the mouse! Great post my friend. Thank you for encouraging me and being a great example!
    God bless

  2. Stacey I am grateful to you for sharing this as many of your lessons apply equally well to me, so I have saved them in my prayer journal to mull over to see where the Holy Spirit directs better balance for me, also.
    God BLESS you.


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