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Truth, Lies and Regrowth

A few months ago I decided to replace the flowers that were in this planter. The ones I had were dead and I saw no hope of them ever coming back. 
I pulled all the dead out and I though I had all the existing roots pulled out as well. 

Two weeks ago I noticed the regrowth of what I thought I had successful removed. 
As the new sprouts of green begin to shoot out of the dirt, the new buds were forming. 
Three nights ago much to my delight a bloom had blossomed and it's bright color of yellow shined even in the darkest, cold night.   
As I looked at the beauty in the new growth in my planter, I began to think of the person I use to be.
Through out my teen years and well into my late twenties, I was a angry, rebellious and unforgiving woman. My scarred heart and jaded emotions lead me to react with hostility and my words spoken were harsh and untruth at times. I wanted so badly to hurt those who had hurt me and render vengeance the way I saw fit. 
 I allowed others to validate my worth and believed what they saw in me. 
On the outside I was dead and saw no hope of me ever becoming a woman of hope, truth and peace. I removed from my heart the roots of my up bringing and the love that had been planted.
 Or so I thought I did. 

However through the lies of the world and the ones I had told myself and others, the love of my daddy God began a regrowth process. 
I began to see who I was in Christ and that my past was a testimony to his great love for me. 
He showed that all things do work for those who love him 
Over the last twenty years I have grown, I have changed, and I have learned to lean on him. 

Recently it seemed my past was trying it's hardest to remind me of the girl I once was. 
The one who did not trust and could not be trust worthy. 
The girl whose fragile emotions had her reacting instead of acting in love when the hurts of the world came in to destroy her. 
When someone you care for, someone who you believe loves you without measure, someone you have known for many years,  speaks about you to others with malice, untruths and with no regard of your feelings,  it can cut a heart to the quick. 
And mine was...........
The old me would have called them out, sought vengeance in the flesh, playing tic for tat with hurtful and degrading words in the hopes their pain would be worse than my own. 
I would have ran to the battle field to defend my self and the person I am today, not the person I was. 
Thank God I am not that girl any longer. I am a woman of God who now knows where to turn and who I am to lean on. 
My roots in Christ, my regrowth, and my new blooms in life began to shine in that dark hour and my daddy God in his unfailing love spoke to my heart. 

In the quiet of my tears......
He reminded me that I do not fight against flesh and blood but spirits and principalities. 
He showed me the enemy was using those I cared for as a tool to spitefully hurt me. 
He reminded me that I am to bless those who curse me. 
He reminded me that no weapon formed against me will prosper, regardless of who is holding the weapon. 
He reminded me that the lies of my past is what made me the woman I am today. 
He showed me that through my down falls in life, others will be encouraged and restored. 
Regardless of what this person thinks of me, my daddy God showed me they can not see me for who I am only for who I was. 
And that's ok....
I am not ashamed of my past, for it brought me to be who I am today. 
I fall in this life and I do make mistakes but it is through my weakness, HE is strong. 
I strive every day to be more as Christ and less of me...
And that is truth!!

I am so grateful He has never given up on me....
I am forever thankful of his unconditional love for me....
And I am blessed for all the lies in my life that became truth and through truth came regrowth. 

Psalm 34:19
Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. 

I have prayed for this person and have asked my daddy God to bless them in every area of their life. I see the actions and words of  this person as an attempt of the enemy to turn my world and emotions upside down, to try to retain a foothold in my life and steal , kill and destroy my growth over the last twenty years. 
The good news, the very very good news.....
I have seen this situation for what it truly is through the wisdom of my daddy God.
Yes it took me a day or two to work through my anger and hurt.
But because I did not react in the manner the enemy was hoping or believed I would, the power he thought he would have over me once again was removed!!!
And that is regrowth!!!
What the enemy meant for evil, my daddy God turned to good. 

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. 

I want to encourage you not to allow the enemy to use the ones you love or care for as a tool to tear you down. 
See past the person and realize who is behind their actions and words. 
Take the enemies power away .
Let the roots once thought to be dead sprout and rise.
Let your blooms and regrowth shine. 
Walk out of shame and become a testimony of our daddy God's grace and love. 

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 

Truth, Lies and Regrowth....



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