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Slowing it Down

" One day at a time, sweet Jesus...
That's all I'm asking of you.
Just give me the strength to do every day, What I have to do......."

This old hymn has been playing in my mind for the few days....
Over and over the melody and tune softly playing in my head and singing in my heart. 

Two weeks ago on my way to work I began having symptoms of a heart attack. 
Relentless pain....
Radiating to my arm, back and jaw.
Cold sweat......
Hard to breathe.
 Every classic textbook symptom for a heart attack....
A stress induced heart attack.
I have had many UN-expected changes in the last few months. 
~ Sweet Jesus~

From working in the medical field for years, I recognized these symptoms and began to pray that I could make it to my office,  knowing there I could get help. 
I made it and emergency medical help was called.....
Off to the hospital I go. 
Not exactly how I had planned my day.....

My diagnosis was not a heart attack......
In fact it had nothing to do with my heart.
I had a spontaneous pneumo-thorax and my lung had collapsed 30%
Chest tube was the treatment to inflate my lung. 
Ouch and Yuck!!

I am on the mend......
Blessed for my daddy God's healing grace.....
His protection and love.
However I am not the most patient  person....
 Me wanting to jump back into my life with both feet has not worked out to well. 
I have never had anything  serious medically in my life.....
I have always worked with a cold.....
Pushed through with migraines...
Back to work 3-4 weeks after giving birth.
That's just me, who I am and how I was raised. 
In all honesty, I am not happy that I haven't bounced back as I have in the past. 

 "You are not 20 any more".....My body tells me.
" Hush" ... I argue back. 

But this time........
I must heed to instruction.....
I must slow down a tad......
I must allow healing to come naturally and not push.....
Baby steps....
Not monster steps.

Has something happened in your life that has slowed you down? 
Maybe it's your health....
Your finances....
Your job.....
Your stress level......
A change within?

Are you fighting it or embracing it???

I am learning to embrace mine......
~One day at a time sweet Jesus~


Exodus 15:26
26 and said, "If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight  give ear to His commandments and keep all His statues, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you. "


  1. Oh! So glad that you are on the mend! What a scary experience. Sometimes the Lord just wants us to pause for one reason or another, doesn't He? Right now we are in a season of waiting. We want to jump forward a be near our son, find a new job, a new home, etc., but we have other very important responsibilities right here and know God wants us to wait. It's frustrating, but also know that God has a purpose in everything, including His timing. I pray that as you go through this time of slow healing, you are showered with unexpected blessings!

    Trusting Him, Joan

    1. Thank you Joan for your sweet words of encouragement!! My prayers for you during your waiting period, knowing what our daddy God has for us both is amazing!!!
      Blessings to you !!

  2. Prayers for you during this time of restoration! God is so good, thanks for sharing your testimony. Also we're super excited to have been introduced to you and your blog through Michelle's Facebook group! We look forward to reading more! - Steph & Jayma @ A Diamond in the Rough Ministries.

  3. Prayers lifted for you. Glad you are on the mend. Slowing down...yes, this is something God has been speaking to me on. It began during my time in Guatemala and upon returning home I knew I needed to slow down and seek Him. Thank you for sharing with us. Many blessings to you.

  4. Hey Stacey!! WOW! Had had no idea hon!! That's what I get for not getting on FB, huh?! Praise God for His healing mercies my friend!! Ahhh...slowing down! Something I'm learning how to do...for like you said "we're not anymore"! Don't I know it! :-) Love ya!

  5. What an experience! I've never heard of this. Hope healing is taking place as you rest. Rest ... oh yes, we could all use more of that. I think Sabbath is as important now as it was in the OT period. Prayers for your continued mending.

    And thanks for your nice comment on Family Fountain about a tough issue.

  6. Hi Stacey, I will be praying for you my friend. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes to show us to slow down too! Take it easy sweet lady
    God bless


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