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My Cross Of Love

Love..... a word used to express  heart felt emotion; to express the importance of feelings towards something or someone. But what if I told you love is not just a feeling but a choice? Let that sink in for just a moment.........

How is that even possible? Real love is when we choose to love those who are set against us; those who are set against Christ.

It is easy to love those whose beliefs are ones of my own. It's even easier to love those who love me , treat me with respect and stand in agreement with me.  The difficulty comes in loving those who rage against me, speak words of destruction, and engage in behaviors that are meant to break me. I have even found it to be strenuous  when those close to me attempt to speak good in my life but yet pick apart my heart with their words not realizing the impact of pain they have now caused.

And yet I choose to love.

Years ago I asked the Lord to use me as a instrument of  His love and in more recent years I asked Him to let me see the world and those in it through His eyes. I found to be able to choose love and extend it the way my daddy God has called me to do I must to be able to see others outside of my own feelings and flesh made emotions. Seeing others through the eyes of God doesn't cause me to over look the wrong in this world; it does however allow me to see without hatred,  judgment, and slanderous words. I am learning to push through to see the root cause of the wrong not to excuse but to give hope for restoration.

And again I choose to love.

The more love I choose, the further He shows me the pain hidden in the hearts of others. A gaping wound whose only hope of real healing is love. I believe Mother Teresa said it best when she stated " If you judge people you have no time to love them."  I am in a place in my life when others do not understand my desire to love as God does I simply smile and continue to love them as well in spite of their lack of understanding.  My cross I carry is not always light. I have times of heavy burdens, wearisome emotions and questions that seem to have no answers; times when my knees buckle and my tears are many. No matter how many do not grasp the depth of love that has been placed in my heart, I do my best to keep my focus on the throne.

And once more I choose to love.

I stand in awe my request was granted and allowed to see the broken, the messy, the scorned, the judged, the abandoned and bruised through the eyes of my daddy God. Love that is chosen is the medicine required to heal the deeply embedded cuts in the hearts of man kind.  It gives hope where there is despair, it restores the lost and mends the broken.

He never promised the cross I carry would not get heavy, He promised I would not do so alone.

With the election over in our nation, there are those who are hurting. I encourage us all to extend love and grace in the midst of their pain. For those who see victory, I encourage you to not gloat but choose love...... real love. It is time to allow the love of Christ heal the wounds of our land.
Who among you are willingly to see past the pain, past the division , past the wounds and truly see all of Gods children as He does? 

 John 15:12
"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."

My cross of love............

His Daughter,



  1. Hi Stacey, your post is so real, so hard. it is truly hard to love others when they overlook us and use us. But if we do it as unto the Lord, then we know our reward is with Him. Loving is a tough one. Great post my friend. It made me think about how hurt i feel when my girls don't see my prayers, tears and struggles for them, and just move on merrily and focus on their lives. It is i suppose as it should be as they grow up. But truly tough. And yes, truly a moment by moment choice.... And then the rest of the world right?!

    Great post lovely lady
    God bless


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