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I Broke My Bible

Years ago had I seen a bible ripped , torn or in any other condition other than perfect my gasp would have been louder than a bull horn. My religious law attitude had me so tangled up I believed the bible, my bible, God's holy word should be nothing but in pristine appearance. And to see one full of highlighted passages and notes written in the margins,was unthinkable for me.

My thought process sadly was distorted and bound by a religious spirit which could not see past law and embrace relationship. Once I began to learn of the precious relationship Jesus wanted to have with me and that His words are yes indeed holy however they are written with love from a father to his daughter, my lawful spirit began to crumble and my relationship began to grow.

As my thirst for His knowledge  began to increase , my idea of my bible's appearance changed.  I highlighted, made notes in my margins, placed sticky notes out to the sides of certain passages, circled and underlined scripture that spoke to my heart.

The more I sought God, dug into his word, and read His promises; the more broken my bible became. It's leather binding is no longer stiff, there are some tears in the cover, and the glossy black of it's cover has now become faded over time. Once the further wear and tear of my bible began to show I saw many changes within my own life.  Where I was  broken, I was healed.  where I was  rejected, I was loved. where I was  lost, I was found. Where I was bound, I found freedom.  I realized it is not about the appearance of my bible that makes it's worth , it is the words of love, the promises of redemption and restoration,  and the correction and guidance from my daddy God.

A bible well worn is a life of abundance well gained. 

I carry my bible with me just about everywhere. It has become more than just an occasional side kick in my life. It is the well I drink from, the table I sit for daily nourishment, my encouragement, and most of all the foundation that builds my relationship with my daddy God.  It sits on my desk at work, the passenger seat of my car and my bedside table at night. It has traveled to Texas and back too many times to count and has been in hundreds of church services with me. It is always within arms reach.

It is my go to when I need peace....
When I need direction...
When my heart longs for healing....
My protection.....
My correction...
My provision.....
And my unconditional love that never fails me.
It is the words of my daddy God speaking to his daughter.

My bible may no longer have a pristine appearance, but in the process of breaking my bible, my heart now carries a light from within that shines the goodness of His grace and love.
And for that I am forever grateful.

I broke my bible....................

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet  and a light to my path.




  1. Hi Stacey, my bible is so highlighted it is potentially double its weight! My hubby bought me a new one recently (so I can relearn stuff lol), and it has taken me a week to even touch it with a highlighter! now that I have I am well on the way to colouring it all up. Yes, a well worn bible IS a good sign.
    God bless


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